9 Effective Ways to Manage Chronic Pain

More than three out of ten people experience some form of chronic pain. This statistic alone is an indication of an underlying problem that most people face. While there are short-term remedies, chronic pain can last more than three months and beyond if not treated. 

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Chronic pain often develops due to underlying medical conditions or after an injury. According to health experts, pain becomes chronic if it goes for more than three months. Additionally, chronic pain can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or social status. Below are some of the most effective ways of managing chronic pain. 

Stretch and posture exercises

Full body stretches and other physical exercises aimed at relieving muscle tension can help manage chronic pain. For instance, tai chi is proven to help with underlying chronic pain. Between 10 and 20 minutes of stretching and exercising, posture activities can help you relieve muscle and joint pains categorized as chronic.

Stay active 

You may develop chronic pain due to a busy schedule that deprives you of movements. Do not spend all eight working hours on your desk. Move around to strengthen your muscles and reduce tensions in your body, especially the back.

Drug therapy 

There are proven medications for managing chronic pain. Every drug may have a different effect, depending on the kind of pain you experience. However, there are also general medications that work for all sorts of pains. You can also use pain-relieving supplements like CBD Gummies to help you manage chronic pain. 

Manage your stress

Stress may be another cause of chronic pain. In this case, you should practice relaxing your body and muscles to avoid situations that trigger your pain. Focus on mindfulness and relaxation techniques that help you calm down.

Hot and cold therapy 

You can use heat to manage chronic pain by relaxing your muscles. Consider applying ice on painful areas and give it some minutes for the pain to subside. This is called cold therapy, and it helps by reducing inflammation. Heat also relaxes the muscles by dilating your blood vessels.


Similar to cold and hot therapy, massage is useful in relaxing muscles around the affected areas. Massage manipulates your soft tissues, causing relaxation. 


Yoga is an effective pain management technique. This practice is aimed at relaxing, strengthening, and keeping the body flexible through different poses. Yoga helps you cope with chronic pain by giving you more control over the painful parts of the body. 

Get quality sleep

Sleep has many benefits, including pain management. A good night’s sleep will help you rest and reset, which is beneficial for people living with chronic pain. Set and stick to a bedtime routine that helps you get at least eight hours of uninterrupted quality sleep.

Address underlying conditions

Another way to manage chronic pain is by addressing conditions that trigger such pains. If your pain comes from an underlying injury, ensure you get immediate treatment. Accordingly, if stress is the cause, find ways to manage stress and cope. 

Final thoughts 

These pain management techniques will help you cope and reduce the negative impact of chronic pain on your life. Pick one or two of these and see if it helps. Remember to see your physician when the pain persists.

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2 Responses to 9 Effective Ways to Manage Chronic Pain

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    A fab collab post given it’s pain awareness month – everyone gets on differently with things & has their own experience of pain, so having a variety of options for managing pain is so useful in the process of trial and error. I need prescription painkillers to function but still use other tools, like the hot & cold therapy you mention, to make the experience a tiny bit more tolerable, and every little helps.

    Caz xx

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