Make Sure You’re Ready to Go on Moving Day

Moving house often means needing to be out of one property and into your new one on the same day. Not only that, but you could have the new owners of your home waiting to be handed the keys to their new home too. You don’t want to hold anyone up, so as soon as everything has been completed in regards to contracts and money exchanges, you need to be ready to go. This can all count for a pretty hectic day, and it can be hard to stay on track. If you want to make sure you’re ready to go you need to get everything in place.

Book the Van and Movers

Once you know your moving day, you can get everything booked. You might choose to load up a van and move it yourself. However, if you’d rather save yourself some work, looking for Bekins Moving Solutions movers near me can allow you to book in movers too. When you’re looking for the right movers, consider looking for flexible terms. If anything goes wrong and you need your movers to wait a little longer on the day, you want them to be able to stick around rather than abandoning you.

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Think About Pets and Children

Pets and small children can both get underfoot when you’re trying to move home. It’s worth thinking about whether you want to make arrangements for them on moving day. Having a friend or relative look after your children can make it easier to get on with moving. Your pets could also stay with someone you know or perhaps go to a kennel or cattery. Putting them in carriers while you’re busy loading up your stuff could also work out. Moving your pets first might also work if the distance is short enough.

Get All Your Cleaning Done

If you want to leave your home clean for the next occupier, you need to get started at the right time. Clean too early, and you could end up needing to do it again soon. Leave your cleaning too late, and you might end up trying to do it at the last minute or not have time at all. Try to get your deep cleaning done early, especially after moving appliances and furniture around. Then you can do a last, light clean of the house before you leave for the last time.

Have Everything Packed and Ready to Load

Having all of your things packed and ready to go on the day is essential. You only want to have a few last-minute tasks to do. Try to do as much as possible as you can in advance. You can even take apart your beds and sleep on mattresses the night before so that you don’t have to do it the next day. You might need to start packing a few weeks in advance to make sure you get everything organized.

If you want to make sure you’re ready to go on the day you need to move, try to be as organized as you can.

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