Designing Your Perfect Work From Home Space

Where do you work from when working from home? A laptop on your knee in front of the TV? Or maybe you are a fan of working from bed? Wherever your work, you will undoubtedly be familiar with the unique aspects of finding that perfect spot at home to work. Somewhere you can be productive yet not distracted by everything going on inside the home.

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Plus, if you are able to carve out even the smallest working space at home, chances are you will find it easier to separate work from home life and work towards finding that elusive sweet spot between being at home and working in the space you live.


If you have space to spare, then measure accordingly and find the right size for your home equipment to allow a comfortable space to work from. If space is tight, then a foldaway desk can be a great compromise. One that attaches to the wall and then you can put away when you are done can help you have a base to work from that takes up as little space as possible. Or a portable tray that doubles as a desk and can be propped over your legs when sitting on the sofa.


You should, as much as possible, avoid working in the dark. Natural light is best, so if you can place your desk by a window or natural light source. Alternatively, choose brighter, white lights over fluorescent to help you avoid eye strain and mimic natural light as much as possible. Strip light such as can offer you added lighting using minimal space, especially if you frequently work after dark.


No one likes a messy desk, so having storage and set places can help you to replicate what a normal office working environment would be and help you to get in the zone, so to speak and find your groove for a more productive working day. Stationery holders, drawer dividers and shelving for paper or accessories are necessary to keep an organised space.

Ergonomic Features

You need your office space at home to be as ergonomic as possible to allow you to work efficiently and avoid injury. For some, this could mean a footrest to allow for a more comfortable seating position or back support to avoid strain from sitting for long periods. If you use a laptop, it can be worth investing in a separate keyboard to allow you to look straight on at the screen from a raised angle and still write at a comfortable position for your wrists.

Know What You Need

Your workspace needs to work for you. After all, if it doesn’t it will make your life harder. Find what works for you by ways of choosing the right colour scheme, accessories, essential items along with anything else you need for a more productive working day. As this varies from person to person, what suits one won’t work for someone else so add your own personal touches and decor to the space without cluttering up your desk and allow for ample space to work from.

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