Hunting the Hunted – Currently Seeking Representation

Sometimes I forget that not everybody knows my characters in the same way I do. My Redcliffe series has given me a whole new group of fictional friends that live in a part of my psyche where their lives are real, at least in some alternate universe.

It is the same for my characters from other novels, including Vampire of Blackpool and my latest manuscript, Hunting the Hunted. I finished writing this novel a few years ago and have been submitting it to agents and publishers without much luck. Some advised that it reads more like a literary novel than commercial fiction. I wonder if it is a crossover and the world isn’t ready for it yet. Or are they?


We watched our hunters race along the pavement, disappearing from view as the uniformed police officers followed them. The police were fast. They sent their armed officers after the hunters, and the others quickly closed off the street and worked to ensure their precious human civilians were safe. I leaped up onto the roof of the high building, and Lottie followed. We strode across the base of the sloping roof, and I reached out telepathically to locate my prey. I sensed William almost immediately. He was running down a narrow alley between a hotel and an office building, with his sister close behind. The police were still following them. And they had reached a dead end. I leaped across the wide expanse of road, high enough that the humans below would not see me, and I landed on a high balcony just in time to see my hunters being arrested. William was shouting at them not to grab his injured shoulder, and Samantha was shouting something about them being private investigators. It didn’t help. They were bundled roughly into the back of the waiting police van, having first been relieved of their weapons by the law enforcers. I stood in the shadows and observed the spectacle.

“There you are,” Lottie said as she swooped down to land beside me, “You are fast, for an old vampire!”

Discover the Vampire Hunters of Northern England

This book is one of a collection I am calling my vampire hunters’ series. They can be read individually although I am writing a sequel to Vampire of Blackpool and there will be a sequel to Hunting the Hunted. It seems that once my characters are discovered, they cannot shut up!

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