Lammas Tarot Card Reading

This weekend we celebrate Lammas, the harvest festival. I felt drawn to work with Druid Craft Tarot and the tarot spread is called Leaving the Past Behind. It was more light-hearted than my vampire tarot card reading from last month, but it continues along the same personal themes. Read on and see if the Tarot card reading resonates with you.

Tarot Card Reading

1, What I Need to Leave Behind – The Lovers

On a personal level this card leaves me feeling sad. I no longer experience the passionate love that I once enjoyed. It is in the past. I may hold the memories dear, but I must move on. What do you need to leave behind? It might be something that you have been closely involved in for a while, perhaps a project that has reached its conclusion. Maybe you need to finish what you started and move on.

2, What I Need to Take with Me – The Wheel

The perfect card for this reading, I see this as a reminder to reinforce my boundaries and keep my own counsel. I move forward with wisdom and knowledge, and I welcome a new Wheel of Life. Are you aware of your boundaries? What have you learned recently that you can take with you on a new adventure?

3, Negatives to Discard – The Magician

In this card I see the message that I must go forth with confidence in my own abilities and knowledge. Other people may think they know best but I know what I need. No more masculine influence taking charge. This is my time. I will do it my way. Think about who has influenced your life in recent years and months. Who or what really needs your time and attention? What do you do for yourself?

4, Positives to Look Forward To – Eight of Cups

There is a bright new future ahead and I welcome it with an open heart. My cups have been refilled and I have a new sense of self-awareness. I might take a break and have a holiday of sorts. Everything has reached its natural conclusion and is moving along steadily. While I have yet to tie up some loose ends, I am confident that I know how to break away from unhealthy activities. How do you feel now as we move through the pandemic? What relationships have changed around you and how do you respond to the world?

5, Why a Fresh Start will be Good for Me – The Hanged Man

Perhaps I would benefit from a new perspective. Try something different, loosen my control over everything. There are new experiences to explore. I just need to put myself out there. Have you been hiding recently, or putting off an activity that you know will be good for you? We are all guilty of staying stuck in familiar places and patterns of behaviour. Having the courage to break away and relinquish some control could prove beneficial for yourself and for others around you.


This Lammas Tarot card reading is perfect for the harvest season. It talks about growth and rebirth, moving on and preparing for a new future. We take what we have learned, and we grow. There is no going back. Once the crops are harvested, they cannot be returned to the ground. They can only be transformed into something tangible, something we can enjoy. We must move forward with confidence and wisdom.

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