Ideal Business Ideas for Writers

Are you a professional writer but are regularly broke for not being productively engaged? You have a writers’ network but it hasn’t paid off yet, and you’re still trying to find your way around. It’s time to put your writing skills into use to generate a reliable stream of income.

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 There are numerous profitable small business ideas that require professional writing skills. Other than the media industry, several other industries are always in need of good writers. With the internet being so accessible nowadays, earning money part-time or full-time is not a far-fetched thought.

 Here are ideas to set you rolling.

Freelance Ghostwriting

Many businesses, corporate leaders, and wealthy individuals have ideas they’d like to document but lack the time and skill. Some find writing so boring that they’d rather travel or do other productive things than spend time writing. This is where your ghostwriting skills come in.

 As a freelance ghostwriter, your job is to contact these people and pitch them. Show them why they should have a professional writer to handle all their writing needs while they take the credit. All this is in exchange for some amount of money that you’ll agree on with them.

 However, ensure you charge what you’re worth and don’t undercharge for your services. If you successfully handle one project for one client, they’ll refer you to others. Soon, you’ll be having a constant flow of work, and of course, the money you need.

Start a Blog

Blogs are among the most powerful platforms where businesses and individuals communicate. It’s, therefore, no wonder that there are over 500 million blogs in existence.

Blogging is the canvas on which to express your thoughts and earn while at it. If your blog is fully optimized, you’ll realize the benefits of residual income that comes through paid advertisements.

 Having a blog is also an easy way to make online marketers find you. Online entrepreneurs who want content written for them will find it easy to trust you with their work. Your blog is social proof of your writing capabilities. 

Business Plan and Proposal Writing

If you’re well-versed with writing business plans or proposals, you should consider doing it as a business. The good part is that it’s something you can start with no cash investment.

 Your target market is entrepreneurs who want to source funding to grow or expand their business. If your skills are sharp in this area, you can help such companies write a winning proposal. 

Developing Promotional Material

Businesses thrive on regular and consistent marketing. For example, think of an enterprise that specializes in selling used cars and needs to enlarge its market base. You can help the company create attractive advertising materials.

 However, to succeed in the business of creating promotional material, you need to have branding expertise. The materials can be for both print and online marketing.

Final Thoughts

If you have been a writer without a regular stream of income, there’s a lot you can do to make money. Consider specializing in money-making skills like ghostwriting, blogging, and proposal writing. Besides, keep networking with other writers to learn how else you can make money as a writer.

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