Countries to Travel To in Asia

With everything happening in the world with Covid-19, it is hard to imagine going traveling, but for some, it will be the first thing they are going to do given a chance. Traveling is something that is widely done by young and older people all over the world, for many different cultures traveling to certain parts of the world are lifetime goals. 

Traveling is about increasing your knowledge and understanding of different parts of the world and immersing yourself in their culture; when traveling, you can make new life long friends you would never have thought you would have had. It is about eating food you would never have tried at home and making sure you absorb as much culture and information about that place as possible. A widely traveled part of the world is Asia; if you are thinking of traveling there, then here are a few places you should check out while on your travels.

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Malaysia is a beautiful mixture of cultures and a beautiful country to visit. It is made up of Chinese, Indian and Islamic cultures, which makes it a great country to visit; it is almost like visiting multiple countries in one with the touches that they have all added in their own way. Some of the main places you would want to visit are Kuala Lumpur and Penang. There is also a state in Malaysia called Perak with a lovely town called Ipoh; this place is filled with lots to do, including caves, temples, and parks. It is so full of culture and beauty and is a great place to stay should you be traveling in Malaysia; if you are traveling for a long time, there are plenty of places to stay, and you search for Ipoh house to rent and find plenty of places to rent should you want to stay longer.

South Korea

South Korea is one of the overlooked countries when it comes to traveling, which is odd as it is a beautiful country and is one of the safest too, this makes it an ideal place to travel too. When traveling to South Korea, it is best to note that from May to August is the best time to visit as their winters can be harsh, but their summers are beautiful. South Korea is made up of old temples, fishing villages, and densely populated cities; if you are looking for a unique experience and somewhere less traveled, then South Korea is a great place for you.

While in Korea, there is plenty to do, such as visiting local markets, festivals, ancient temples, and grand palaces. There is no shortage of things to do in South Korea; it is covered in culture and things to do in most places you go to; it also has bamboo forests to explore, which will allow you to go out and get some time alone and explore.


If you are searching for a city location while traveling, then look no further than Japan; it is classed as one of the many beautiful countries in Asia. Japan is also a very technologically advanced country, leading the way in a lot of technology that is then rolled out across the world; they are also a very efficient country, which is what has led to them being ahead of the world when it comes to technological advancement. Although Japan has a lot of the hustle and bustle due to its vast cities, it is also a very beautiful country.

When it comes to Japan, there is so much to do when traveling there; they have numerous days out you can take to shrines, castles, and museums. You can also try immersing yourself in the culture as well by partaking in their karaoke bars, trying their beautiful food such as ramen, soba noodles, and of course, sushi, which is cuisine they are famous for and is popular all around the world. Japan is a fun a quirky place, so if you can throw yourself into their culture and have some fun.


When traveling, it can be a concern that some places are not safe to travel to; however, India is not one of those places; they are a very welcoming and hospitable place when it comes to travelers. India is well known for its religion and great food but is also full of beautiful sights to see, such as the taj mahal. Culture is very important to India, which is why their food is always top quality and is well worth the visit to try it first hand and made traditionally.

If you are looking to escape after Covid and getaway back to traveling, then hopefully, these tips will help you to choose to visit the beautiful places in Asia and know what they offer.

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