Live Your Best And Healthiest Life, Today!

A healthy lifestyle includes all the ingredients of a healthy lifestyle. According to research, in order to maintain a healthy way of life, you must take action. Incorporate the right foods, exercise, adequate sleep and generally healthy habits into your daily routine on a consistent basis. It does not make sense to eat a healthy meal every now and then and for the rest of the day to eat frozen and processed foods. You should almost always eat carefully selected foods. Yes, over and over again we have all enjoyed ice cream or pizza and that is not a bad thing but it isn’t sustainable for our bodies. 

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The motto is: “Eat to live and do not live to eat”

In addition to healthy foods, your body also craves exercise. Designed to work out and move on a regular basis. All the joints in your body, your knees, your elbows and your hips are designed to move in some way. By pushing and stretching all these joints, your body will be kept in good condition and if your exercise becomes a frequent habit, you will remain healthy for the rest of your life, especially if you manage to maintain your weight at normal levels. You should regularly check your BMI to ensure that it is within the healthy range.  

Balance and measure 

A balanced diet means eating enough but not too much of all the nutrients. If the portions are reasonable, there is no reason to limit your favorite foods. There are no “good” and “bad” foods, only good and bad diets. All foods fit into a healthy lifestyle as long as you maintain balance and moderation. Moderate amounts of all foods can ensure that energy intake remains under control and that no food or food ingredient is consumed in excessive amounts. If you choose a high fat snack in fat, choose a food with less fat for your next meal. Examples of reasonable portions are 75 -100 g (the size of a palm) of meat, a medium-sized fruit, ½ a cup of raw pasta or a scoop of ice cream (50g). Ready-made meals are a good way to check portion size and usually indicate their energy value on the packaging.

Do not forget fruits and vegetables

Many do not follow the recommendations for eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Many studies have shown an association between the intake of these foods and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer. Increased fruit and vegetable intake has also been associated with lower blood pressure. People can supplement their diet with fruits and vegetables as they are good sources of nutrients and the majority of them are low in calories and fat. Nutritionists pay special attention to fruits and vegetables, as these are “packages” of nutrients that positively affect human health. The “antioxidant case” has focused much of its attention on the micronutrients of fruits and vegetables, such as vitamins C and E, as well as many other natural protective substances. Carotenoids (B-carotene, lutein and lycopene), flavonoids (phenolic compounds found in abundance in common vegetables and fruits, such as apples and onions, and plant-based beverages such as tea, cocoa and red wine ) and phytoestrogens (mainly isoflavones and lignins), seem to play a beneficial role in health. 

Balance your salt intake 

The salt (NaCl) consists of sodium and chlorine. Sodium is a nutrient found naturally in many foods. Sodium and chlorine are important for the body to maintain its fluid balance and regulate blood pressure. For most people, excess sodium passes directly through the body. In some, however, it can raise blood pressure. Reducing the amount of salt in those who are sensitive to salt can reduce the risk of high blood pressure. The relationship between salt intake and blood pressure is not yet clear and people should seek the advice of their doctor.  

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This is a healthy lifestyle!

It is not a diet to lose weight, as summer comes. Yes, I know you want to look good in your shorts or swimsuit in the summer months, but it’s better to have a life goal. Maintain a flawless silhouette and build a strong, functional and balanced body and maintain it forever, not just for summer but for winter. That is probably one of the best things you can do. At the moment, we all need our immune systems in top condition! The biggest factor that will help you maintain this lifestyle is self-discipline. You have the discipline to eat the right foods, control portion sizes, follow an exercise program and keep going even when you do not feel like doing it. Routine is everything. The same way that you may have a routine with your medications. For example you may use dosette boxes to help you keep on top of your medications. You must do the same with your life. This means that you have to promote yourself and give yourself a clear path going forwards. This should be step by step and slowly every day. By doing this you will feel good, your self-esteem and self-image will improve, because you will know that you are one of the few people who has the self-discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Maintaining a positive attitude is like taking multivitamins every day.

It is the best medicine to stay enthusiastic and will help you face the complexity of life. Surely, in many cases you have experienced some negative emotions that made you want to run away, get away from this unpleasant feeling of discouragement or that you are lost in the dark. But it is not worth it. Learn to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and create a positive attitude that will fill you with optimism.

If you have children, enjoy them. Spend some time with your pets, family and friends and always wish them the best. Above all, never forget to love yourself for what you are. Confidence is essential for maintaining a young and healthy brain.

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