My Spiritual Toolbox

What is a spiritual toolbox and why do you need one? For me a spiritual toolbox is a collection of exercises, rituals, songs, videos and whatever else makes me feel relaxed and happy. As a reiki practitioner you might expect me to be in a constant state of zen-like bliss, radiating calm and serenity. I have young children and a mischievous dog, however, so some days my zen seems very far away!

My Spiritual Toolbox

The beauty of creating a spiritual toolbox is that you can make it whatever you want it to be. I have piles of notebooks with information jotted down that I find in books and articles. These include Tarot card readings, incantations, meditations and symbols that resonate with me on a deep level, making me feel connected to a world beyond the physical. They give me hope that there is a bigger picture, and that my mundane reality is not the only one available. There are specific books in my spiritual toolbox, like my reiki course manuals. I can read these whenever I need a boost. I have incense, scented candles, and smudge sticks to cleanse the air in my home and help clean my aura when it feels clogged and murky. I also have a collection of crystals, and I pick which ones I feel drawn to on different days, or when I am working towards specific goals, so that they might help in my task.


Of course, it isn’t all about spiritual or magical items. My spiritual toolbox also currently includes regular playtime on a game app that I enjoy. It helps me to relax when I feel stressed, and it gives me enormous satisfaction when I crack the puzzles. I enjoy drinking wine or gin, and I like to eat chocolate and sweets. These all add up to my spiritual toolbox, because they help to make me feel better when I am stressed or cheer me up when I feel down. What is in your spiritual toolbox?

My Spiritual Toolbox SpookyMrsGreen

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4 Responses to My Spiritual Toolbox

  1. My spiritual staples are meditation, yoga and spiritual reading material. Other things that connect me with the bigger picture are Nag Champa incense, techno with a tribal rhythm, walks in nature, and of course, dogs.

  2. merry says:

    I think a Spiritual toolbox can really uplift your mood and this era of excessive work pressure Spiritual toolbox has become a necessity. The best part is you have it as per your taste, whatever brings you calm and peace.

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