The Devil’s Child by Maria Zeferino

She couldn’t change the pain and trauma they had wrapped her in, from early childhood.

But she could detach from drama, a drama that was never hers, to become who she really was – the best version of HER.

The Devil's Child KINDLE

The Devil’s Child exposes years of hidden physical, mental and emotional abuse and oppression.

A child’s sad and painful journey.

Yet, an uplifting story of strength and victory.

Maria Zeferino Author



Maria was born in Portugal, in 1959, the eleventh child of her beloved family.

Her mum died when she was three years old and she was brought up by an unrelated family.

She got married at twenty- five and divorced at forty.

She was a Bank employee for twelve years, but lost her job at the end of 1999, together with thousands of colleagues, when the economic recession hit her country badly.

Through the Portuguese job centre, in 2001, she signed up for a four-month job in Southampton, England; the plan being to go back to her own country at the end of the contract.

But sometimes life has other plans and eighteen years later, she is still living in England.

In December 2014, she found a lump on her breast and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Two operations, six months of chemotherapy, one month of radiotherapy, a lot of physiotherapy, daily medication for five years, annual reviews and an amazing medical team behind her and she is still here, alive and grateful.

It certainly was an unpleasant experience, but it was also a learning curve.

She learnt to slow down and to treat herself the way she likes to treat others.

By learning to do that, she discovered art and abstract acrylic painting became her emotional and mental support through hard times.

By learning to do that, she allowed a deeply buried dream to come back to life – writing a book.

By learning to listen to and love herself, she gathered the courage to dig deep into old wounds.

However, this book is more than a dream come true; more than another step through her own healing process

The Devil’s Child is here as a message of strength and courage, to anybody, whose life has been tainted by abuse of any kind.

Maria Zeferino The Devils Child

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The Devil's Child KINDLE

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