How to Cleanse Your Room

Cleansing the room is an important ritual for me as an energy practitioner. During my years of meditating, working with other empaths and mediums, and connecting with reiki healing energy I have learned how it feels when a room needs cleansing. Have you ever walked into a house and felt oddly subdued or depressed? Maybe it felt dark and dreary. Perhaps the space was cluttered with junk and you came away feeling jittery. These are all examples of space that needs cleansing. Sometimes it goes beyond the act of vacuuming and dusting furniture. You need to clean the energy, open up the space, and make it easier to breath and relax.

How to Cleanse Your Room

My easiest way to cleanse a room is using incense. I have incense sticks of various different scents, and I used them depending on my needs. For example, I will burn lavender incense to relax people and aid with meditation and self-care. I might burn sandalwood to help me feel more energized and connected to Spirit. I would burn a citrus incense to make the area feel physically clean and healthy. There are lots of different scents available, and you can buy incense cones or sticks. I like to burn a white sage smudge stick for what I call “deep cleansing.” I might do this once a week, or sometimes more frequently if we have been dealing with challenges at home. White sage is known for its healing and cleansing properties, and I have read in some medical journals that it has health benefits. Another favourite of mine is palo santo wood. These little sticks smell sweet and invigorating, and I feel that they help liven up the energy in a room if it feels stale.

How to Clear Smells from Your Room

Probably the most popular way of cleansing your room is using scented oils. A simple oil burner is great for this job. Add a few drops of essential oil to a small amount of water, pop a tealight candle underneath, and your room will soon feel and smell fresher than it did before, depending on the oil that you use. One of my fellow reiki students has been using frankincense oil and rosemary oil to help her husband recover from serious illness, and she highly recommends them. I decided to get some of these oils since I haven’t used them before. Do you use incense, smudge sticks and essential oils for cleansing? Please share your recommendations in the comments.

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