Back to School, Back to Mindfulness

My children have returned to school after their summer holiday, and finally I have some free time for myself. I tried to find ways of being alone during the school holiday, but it didn’t quite happen the way I expected, as these things rarely do. It seemed that whenever I had an hour or so without children, I had other more important tasks to complete, and meditation fell by the wayside. Today I am making time for meditation. I have a session to attend as part of a year-long course I am taking, and then I will visit my mother-in-law to give her a reiki treatment. It will give me the opportunity to practice reiki on myself without the aforementioned kid interruptions.

Back to School, Back to Mindfulness

This week I am taking a step back, not worrying about my to-do list, and I am practicing self-care. I need to process the loss of my beloved dog and adjust to life without my companion. I need to rest my eyes, since all the crying has triggered my chronic condition and I have been in constant pain and discomfort for the past three weeks. I simply need to be quiet, still and peaceful. There are other life challenges looming ever closer, and I know that now is the time to prepare, if we can ever truly prepare for loss and grief. Take care of yourselves, my friends. We only answer to ourselves, when all is said and done.

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4 Responses to Back to School, Back to Mindfulness

  1. Alien Resort says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your dog. Good luck with your future challenges.

  2. Commiseration for the loss of your dog. It is difficult nowadays for people to find the time for being mindful because life is too busy and hectic. So instead of being mindful and focusing on one thing at a time, multitasking is now the order of the day, but multiple studies have demonstrated that multitasking does not make you more productive and efficient. I have written an article about his on my website titled: “What is your superpower? Multitasking or mindfulness? Check it out!

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