My Spiritual Journey: Something is Shifting

Life has settled down after several years of drama and challenges. I can’t remember life before children, but since we had them, it feels like we have been constantly on the move. I don’t mean physically, I simply mean moving along with the rhythm of life and children. During the past eight years we have experienced births, deaths, career development, personal tragedy, moving house, money worries and all the other nuances of modern life. We are just an average family trying to get by. But inwardly I have changed. I am still changing. And now I can feel the shift. You might understand what I mean by that. We all experience mood swings, many of us are familiar with mental health challenges in all their forms. Sometimes we feel settled and happy in our lives, other times we feel restless, bored or even angry with our situation. I have experienced all of that during the past fifteen years, and now I am ready for a break.

Something is Shifting

I am very proud to report that I have now completed my coursework requirements to qualify as a reiki practitioner. I will be certified in Okuden 2nd Degree reiki, with Japanese lineage. I have worked very hard to develop my connection to Source energy, and I continue to do so. Reiki isn’t something you pick up for a session and then put away until next time. Once we are connected, we will always feel the energy. What we do with that connection is up to the individual, and I intend to continue my work and progress along my spiritual journey. My life has changed again recently, and this time definitely for the better. I feel settled, more in control, and more understanding about the way events have unfolded. I feel I have centred myself and am finally a part of the world I inhabit, rather than being an outsider. Does that make sense to you? It is hard to explain, but I feel that perhaps I never really settled on the Earth plane until I developed my meditation practice. Gradually I learned to ground myself, and now I finally feel a real connection to my place, both physically and spiritually. I will continue to practice reiki and see where the journey leads next. But first, I will enjoy my current place in the world. It is a very happy place!

Witchy Wednesday SpookyMrsGreen

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