Say Cheese! 100% Vegan, Sheese Dairy-Free Food

I mentioned previously that I am vegetarian. I officially stopped eating meat at the age of 17, but I had phased it out some time before. At the time, I was learning about my place in the world, how I felt about growing up, and I realised that I simply didn’t want to think about the suffering of animals when I ate my food. Plus, I didn’t like the taste of a lot of the meat products I consumed. It was more of a habit, because that was how my family lived.


People still ask me now if I miss meat, and the answer is always “no.” I have never tried to be vegan, however, mainly because I do enjoy dairy products. I will always buy dairy products that have been ethically produced, and I like to think that the animals involved are treated well. I can only trust the suppliers, at the end of the day. Recently I received a selection of vegan cheese products to sample. I had not seen them in my local shops, and I was impressed! I received a sample of Sheese cheese. My favourite flavour is the Wensleydale style with cranberries – delicious!


There is not much difference in taste or texture with the Sheese vegan cheese compared to the regular dairy cheese that I usually buy. I enjoyed the cheese sliced and served on crackers, on crusty bread, and I mixed it in with my pasta dishes, soups and baked beans. Yummy! Now I am aware of Sheese vegan cheese, I can look out for it in my local supermarket, and I can order it online. Made in Scotland, I like that these products are vegan, that they are made in the UK, and that they are incredibly tasty.

You can find Sheese vegan cheese products in your local health food store, Tesco, Sainsburys and Holland and Barrett.

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2 Responses to Say Cheese! 100% Vegan, Sheese Dairy-Free Food

  1. scskillman says:

    Thanks for showing us this, Catherine – I’m a vegetarian and have been since I was 25 years old. I’m not vegan but I’ll give this cheese a go, as I’m a cheese addict, and up to now have never found any “alternative” cheese that I like.

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