#AtoZChallenge T is for Tea Break

I do love a good cup of tea! And I’m talking about good old fashioned English breakfast tea, served in a mug and strong enough to hit your taste buds in all the right places. Who here understands what I mean? I have sampled fruit teas and herbal teas in the past, and for a while I was a little bit addicted to Green Tea with a hint of lemon. I even stopped drinking ‘proper’ tea while I was pregnant with my first child, because I just didn’t want it anymore. I turned to coffee instead. Now, I am back to drinking tea, although the coffee has become a habit that I am struggling to break.

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One thing is certain. I always have a mug of tea or coffee on the go while I am working on my computer. I usually drink about half of it before it goes cold, and sometimes I forget all about the drink until I discover it later that day, still sitting beside my computer as I run around after the children. Whenever we have a crisis among friends or family members, you can be sure that our first response is always “put the kettle on.” I think this is a distinctly British habit, but we find that procuring a mug of tea always helps to deal with a problem or situation. It just fixes everything, you know?

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See you tomorrow, for the next letter in the #AtoZChallenge.


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16 Responses to #AtoZChallenge T is for Tea Break

  1. Kim Cleary says:

    Earl Grey is my favourite! I always have a mug (often half of it left to go cold lols) next to my computer while writing 🙂

  2. I am both a tea and coffee person. There is always a cup of sinful hot beverage on my table when I am working on the laptop. Lovely post…I love the tea that I ask people to bring for me from UK and India..Twinning and PG are the hot favorites:)


  3. At the moment, I’m more of a coffee person, though I still love my tea and wish I could get back into the habit of drinking more tea. There was a time when I only drank one cup of coffee…first thing in the morning and then tea for the rest of the day.
    These days, I drink about 3 cups of coffee in the morning, more after lunch, and I’m lucky if I squeeze in one cup of tea at night. *sigh*
    I drink rooibos tea which is grown this side of the world. It’s a herbal tea with multiple health benefits.
    Writer In Transit

    • Oh, I’ve heard of that tea but haven’t tried it. I usually try and drink 2 mugs of coffee with my breakfast, and I have to at least drink half a mug before I head out on the school run 😉

  4. Blog hopping from North Carolina during the #Challenge. I started WAY down the participant list figuring they wouldn’t get as much traffic.Happy to find this nice blog. We both used tea as our T letter today. I have been writing about hotels and inns, the architects and setting. Come and learn something more about fixing tea or having tea at a lovely hotel.

  5. I am of the belief that the right tea will cure about anything. I am positively addicted to coffee, but in the wee hours when I am writing, I prefer a lovely tea.

  6. Amanda Fleet says:

    I’m a complete tea-jenny. Never coffee. I’m shocked to think I probably drink about 8 cups of tea a day (though I do switch to decaff after 5pm…).
    Do love a proper cup of tea!
    Amanda (from http://www.amandafleet.co.uk)

  7. Kathryn says:

    We inherited the ‘cup of tea’ from our British ancestors for sure. I still have the teapot and leaves that I love to brew up a cuppa. Like you sometimes it goes cold when I get absorbed in something but I prefer it hot! At the moment I am experimenting with no caffeine from afternoon on so missing my tea, herbal doesn’t quite do it for me!

  8. jhwinterauthor says:

    Visiting from the A to Z Challenge and I have to say, I love tea! I am partial to black teas, but enjoy many others as well (green, chamomile, peppermint, etc). Lovely post!

    Ink & Stitches – http://blog.jhwinter.com

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