#Review: Inflata Nation Manchester

My children love indoor play centres. They have spent many happy hours in the soft play, flinging themselves down slides and jumping in the ball pool. We missed our indoor fun during the pandemic. I was very happy to be offered a visit to Inflata Nation Manchester in return for a review of our experience.

Naturally my first concern was cleanliness and how many people would attend Inflata Nation. Kids carry germs and we know this, so how bad would it be in there with the threat of Covid-19 as well? I am pleased to report that the venue we visited in Manchester was clean and well organised. While it was busy, I could see that visitor numbers were being regulated, people were respectful of each other’s personal space, and we had lockers available to keep our belongings safe while we were on the bouncy castle.

I have visited Inflata Nation Manchester previously, but I didn’t go in the bouncy castle at the time because I didn’t want to go without my glasses. This time I was brave, and I went in. I am very glad that I did! There is something about a bouncy castle that brings out my inner child, and I was soon jumping along feeling like a 10-year-old again. Until I fell over and remembered I am nearly forty! I have not laughed so much in a long time because it was fun to fling myself around, falling over and bouncing off the sides without a care in the world.

My husband loves the bouncy castle and he had great fun scrambling up and down slides, trying the big slide that our children didn’t like the look of, and bouncing so close to me and the girls that we kept falling over. He led us through the obstacle course, we played in the section with the spinning bouncy castle apparatus, we explored dark corners and we had fun in the ball pool. Our children loved the ball pool, especially when they found the tubes blowing out air that could suspend the balls as if by magic. That kept them entertained for a while.

We had to wear coloured wrist bands for our session that lasted for an hour. I think it was a good way to regulate numbers of people on the apparatus. An hour is certainly long enough for your average middle-aged parent and child combination. I couldn’t have coped with longer than that, but I think my children could have happily stayed on the bouncy castle all afternoon. They were incredibly thirsty after the session, so we enjoyed a cold slushie drink in the café afterwards. There is a choice of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, cakes and crisps available which is just what you need for an energy boost after a good bouncy castle session.

I certainly recommend Inflata Nation for families with active children, and the cost is reasonable. You can plan birthday parties in there as well. We have now booked another session at a different location, this time in Runcorn, and I can’t wait to embrace my inner child again!

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*This is a collaborative article.


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