#AtoZChallenge G is for Ghost Hunter

I’ve seen things. Scary things, funny things, even cute things! I am a ghost hunter, and I absolutely love the pursuit of the hidden world. Before I had children I was out almost every weekend, sometimes on both the Friday and the Saturday night, doing ghost hunts. I worked with a group called North West Spirit Seekers (now defunct), and then I tried a few new companies as well. Overnight ghost hunts are just amazing, at least to me.

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Ghost hunting is the reason I call myself SpookyMrsGreen. It seems to fit, because every time somebody mentions a haunting, my ears prick up and I get all excited. I live in a row of terraced houses that are haunted, and I am not the only resident to experience the activity. My neighbour and I even converse with our resident ghost as a matter of daily routine! During my ghost hunt adventures I have seen a disembodied face in an abandoned nightclub. I have seen a white mist apparition in the garden of a stately home. I have lots of photos featuring light anomalies and orbs, and some of those are not even from official ghost hunts. Spirits follow me around!

Watermillock Bolton Ghost Hunt

You could call me nosy, I suppose. I mean, I am basically prying into the lives of dead people when I go in search of ghosts. I have learned that not all spirits are keen to speak with the living. Some of them just want to go about their routines as they did when they were alive. Others are very happy to talk. Some take great pleasure in frightening people. They are basically humans without a physical body. And they are free to go anywhere they choose. Now that is a scary thought! You can see my ghost hunter diaries in previous blog posts. Try out my epic ghost hunt at Bodelwydden Castle in North Wales to get you started.

SpookyMrsGreen Ghost Hunter

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17 Responses to #AtoZChallenge G is for Ghost Hunter

  1. Kathryn says:

    Now that is an interesting hobby for sure! I think I’d rather leave them alone!

  2. I served a “ghost” customer once. With the rider that I am convinced that that there is a real-world, scientific and rational explanation, I have had some weird experiences! The customer was at Winnington Hall when I was running an art sale there. I saw an elegant lady in a cream-coloured dress walk into the far end of the long gallery and begin to approach my desk, so I stood up and gathered up the catalogue and price list – but when I looked back she’d gone. The placement of the doors meant that there was nowhere for her to go in the time, not even the way she’d come. When I mentioned it to the staff that was when they said “oh – you’ve met the white lady of Winnington now then”! It wasn’t spooky (some of my other experiences have been!) but just real and ordinary – right up until she vanished.

  3. Alexis says:

    Fascinating! Sounds like a fun hobby. I toured the abandoned hospital on Ellis Island and at first I didn’t want to go, because I thought it would be creepy. But it was a sunny day and not creepy at all. Kudos to you for doing overnights!

    Creative Staycation

  4. I shy away from anything spooky, but my husband would love to go ghost hunting.

  5. Joyful2bee says:

    I have three friends who experience these phenomena. Personally I am not sure I would relish this kind of interactions. Do you ever have to protect yourself against a ghost? If so, how?

    • I have never felt physically threatened by a spirit presence, but there are some that make me uncomfortable. In those instances I call upon my acknowledged spirit guides for support, and I call up a bubble of magical protection. It forms a metaphysical shield against intruders.

      • Joyful2bee says:

        One friend uses quartz crystals and asks Angel Michael to protect her. Another friend is a shaman and a spirit got up close in her face and threatened her. She was tired and wanted to go to sleep and yelled at the spirit to leave her alone! Things like this last one, I find scary.

  6. sizzlesue15 says:

    Well that certainly isn’t your average hobby and I’m not sure I am brave enough to take it up. I loved reading about it though. I suppose it is fear of the unknown but I don’t know why – I’ve never met a ghost or felt a spirit presence. Sue @Sizzling60 from
    Sizzling Towards Sixty

  7. Debbie D. says:

    Sounds like a fascinating vocation. I tend to assume that anything like that has a rational explanation, but it would be interesting to be proved wrong and I do love a good ghost story.

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