My Spiritual Journey: Powered by the Supermoon

It has been a turbulent week here in the UK. We were battered by hurricane Bertha over the weekend, and I think we are still feeling her effects now, judging by the high winds and sharp rainstorms today. I also finally found time to reconnect my spiritual self. During recent months I had become overwhelmed with domestic challenges, parental responsibilities, and various other minor issues that came together to distract me from my journey. Well, I say distract, but truthfully I know this is all part of the experience.


On Monday night I put my children to bed, wandered downstairs, and noticed that I could see a beautiful large full moon from my front window. She caught my attention, and I found myself setting  up an unplanned meditation session. It was perfect, and just what I needed for some self reflection and to regain a sense of peace in my life. I took out my Tarot cards, did a Goddess card reading, and cleansed  my crystals under the light of the supermoon energy. And all to the tune of my favourite spiritual YouTube playlist.


For the rest of this week I have felt calm, collected and more like myself than I have in a long time. It’s funny how we allow ourselves to become so consumed in daily routine that we forget about ourselves and sort of drift away. Now I am allowing myself to do some things that make me happy, rather than dwelling on what I think I should be doing based on the opinions of my peers. Ultimately, we live our lives for a reason. And, as my spiritual brother is fond of saying, we are human beings, not human doings!

Have a fantastic week my friends!

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2 Responses to My Spiritual Journey: Powered by the Supermoon

  1. It’s good the universe is so willing to wait for us to reconnect each time we drift away. Great post.

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