The Truth About Marriage

Marriage is hard work. No surprise there, you might think, but when do we actually talk about marriage within our social groups? There is a stigma about the institution, whereby we should ‘put up and shut up’ or ‘get the hell out of there’ when events and situations become unpleasant. We are always very excited to hear about our friends and family getting married and celebrating the love, but what about after the wedding? What happens then?

I was quite blasé about getting married. I had been with my fiancé for almost ten years before we tied the knot. We already lived together, we were close friends, and we had already broken each other’s hearts during the course of our early adventures. Marriage was simply the natural progression, a social insurance if you like (for me anyway, as the wife), and I thoroughly enjoyed our wedding day.


My husband and I are still in love with each other. But right now we are distant. He works a lot. I mean, not just by societal standards, but in that he seems to think his workplace will implode if he is not there to do everything. We are currently dealing with a family crisis, and so when he is not falling asleep on the sofa, my husband is barely here. We have become one of those couples that don’t talk to each other!


I might sound a little bitter, or maybe a bit flippant, airing my views in a public arena. But here’s the thing; my marriage is important to me. Funny that! I don’t want to end my relationship. I do want my husband to realise where his priorities truly lie. He tells me he loves me. He has a whole lot of other issues going on that I am not at liberty to discuss. He is a good man, and he is a fantastic father.

Oh, and incase you were wondering what sparked this little rant? Today is our fourth wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Daniel!

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2 Responses to The Truth About Marriage

  1. Lisa Love says:

    Happy Anniversary! My hubby is the same way with work. “It looks good to my team if I stay at work til 10 pm and finish projects” – however all his team went home at 5!! They don’t know or care that he stayed till all hours to finish. Sheesh. Men.

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