And Now We Slip Into Summertime

Is it really June already? Wow! I know I sound like a broken record, but I cannot keep up with the speed at which these months are flying by. Perhaps I am so totally wrapped up in my family right now that I fail to see life buzzing all around me. I know we need a holiday. So far I have lost out on two planned excursions for reasons beyond my control, but I know there is something big and exciting hurtling towards me. And about time too!

What have you guys been doing with your year? Working, loving, living? I find myself having all sorts of philosophical discussions with myself; what I think about my life and where it is going. I can’t say that life didn’t turn out how I expected. I never really planned my life too far in advance. I prefer to embrace spontaneity and take each day as it comes. That said, I am beginning to understand the need to plan when you have young children to consider. You can’t just pack up and go with a baby and toddler!

I am really only dropping in to keep my blog active while I work away on my other projects. I have all sorts of writerly things in progress, but because of my domestic responsibilities, I have been somewhat distracted during the past few months. Things will fall into place eventually I know, but for now, what you see is what you get. Have a lovely week my friends!


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6 Responses to And Now We Slip Into Summertime

  1. Rajiv says:

    June it is, and bloody hot it is, in Delhi! I need to finish my book, start a formal photo essay and write another book proposal. And, I need to mull over the problem of whether I should return to a stable job or not!

  2. I know that feeling! I suppose we muddle on through…

  3. Time goes too quickly, doesn’t it? I can hardly believe it’s summer. Mind you, that could be because I live in Wales where summer weather seems to be an alien concept!

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