Love Hurts on Valentines Day

I have to say I apologise for the title of my post, but you must forgive me! Actually, I understand love shouldn’t hurt on Valentines Day. In fact it should be a beautiful celebration of our love for each other, whether we are  in long-term comfortable relationships, or shorter developing ones. I am simply offering a view of Valentines Day from the perspective of my paranormal romance novel Love Hurts.

Personally I am not celebrating Valentines Day this year. My husband and me are very busy at the moment developing our careers and raising a family, and we simply cannot afford an extravagent celebration. We barely have time to see each other these days. I am not sad about it, and our relationship is strong and secure. We accept that there are many years ahead for us to enjoy Valentines celebrations in romantic and indulgent ways.

I wonder how my characters in Love Hurts will celebrate Valentines Day? Without giving too much away, my protagonist Jessica Stone is an independent woman struggling to acknowledge that she has fallen in love. Jack Mason has his own reasons for not wanting or needing a relationship, but finds himself falling for Jessica against his will. As the old saying goes, we cannot help who we fall in love with. It happens, and we deal with it.

Back to the subject of Valentines Day. At present I am writing the third book in this opening trilogy for the Redcliffe series. It will not cover Valentines Day, because all the events happen at the end of summer, between August and October specifically. Perhaps I will write a short story about Jack and Jessica’s Valentines Day. It would certainly be an interesting exercise. There would be some tension with the local werewolves who are inadvertantly involved, not to mention another vampire who keeps drawing Jessica’s attention. That is all I will say for now. I do not want to spoil your enjoyment of Love Hurts.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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