Call me “The Judge!” #Cheshire events

Hello everybody, and I trust you had a fabulous weekend. I know I did! I was honoured to be invited as a judge for the Loyal Company of Town Criers British Championships 2015, held in Middlewich. We had a beautiful day, coinciding with our monthly Makers Market, the sun was shining, and everyone was in high spirits. I absolutely loved the ceremony of the town criers, with their bright and cheerful costumes, and of course, the witty rhymes that they proclaimed.


One thing that we know how to do in Middlewich is events. We have the wonderful Folk and Boat (FAB) Festival held every year in June. We have a Roman festival that comes to town every four years. We have various heritage events to celebrate the salt industry, the canals and our Roman ancestors at different times throughout the year. Once a month we hold the Makers Market, where local artisans display their wares for sale, and we welcome musicians and performers into town for fun and entertainment.


And, of course, this year we host the amazing SCRIBE Literary Festival. Of course, I will say that, since I feel very proud of the work involved in bringing this festival to Middlewich. Oh yes, I am also acting as a judge for the short story competition! If you haven’t booked tickets for your preferred events, then please do so immediately. Our venues are small and cosy, so space is limited… See you soon!

*Photo credit – Judges image courtesy of Bare Bones Marketing 

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The Realms of Existence #spiritual #paranormal

The Realms of Existence is an article I wrote a few years ago, after conducting an unexpected conversation with the Spirit world using my newly purchased dowsing rods. You can read more about my adventures in dowsing and speaking to ghosts over at Soulfully Connecting


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Blood will flow freely in “Christmas With the Vampires”

Blood will flow freely in Christmas With The Vampires!  Sexy Edwardian romp available now on Amazon Kindle… #ASMSG

Christmas with the Vampires

Christmas with the Vampires

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My Ghost Adventures Remembered #paranormal #ghosthunter

I have recently discovered the American TV show Ghost Adventures, and I really enjoy watching it! I used to be a fan of Most Haunted, back in the early days, but over time I grew to realise how much they were dramatizing the events they claimed to witness. I found my very own ghost hunting group, so that I could see for myself just what is out there. And wow, did I ever find the proof I needed! During the years I spent working with North West Spirit Seekers, I visited haunted castles, haunted stately homes, haunted nightclubs and pubs, and I saw and experienced a lot of phenomena.


Watching Ghost Adventures is making me wistful for the life I led before children, but also making me feel the urge to get back out there and get ghost hunting again. Now, it is not a simple task, as I am sure you understand. I need a crew, a team to work with, and while I have people in mind from the old days, we all have young families and live a distance apart, so the logistics would be quite tricky. Then of course, we have to find suitable venues, and unfortunately there is now a rather large tourist industry around ghost hunting. Indeed, the last few hunts I went on were run by established businesses, and they don’t come cheap.

I need to work with someone, and I need to get back out there and talk to ghosts again. I mean, yes, OK, I talk to ghosts everyday. I live with them, as my neighbour will concur. We regularly communicate with our ethereal housemates using dowsing rods. The ghosts are not exactly our friends, but they tolerate us because this is our home too. Anyway, I digress.

Walton Hall

What fascinates me about the Ghost Adventures crew, is that they seem to actively seek venues where so-called demonic spirits and entities reside. Personally I have come across negative energies in buildings and locations before now, and I have met spirits that were, shall we say, less than welcoming. But I have never met what I would call a demon. My moods have been influenced by spirit in the past, and on more than one occasion I have come home with something attached, and I had to rid myself of it using the clearing magic that I am familiar with.

There is a whole lot of other life out there in our world, and beyond. I am so eager to return to the shadows, to communicate with Spirit, to help those that ask for help, and to discover more about life after death. To some people this might all sound very morbid, and maybe even scary, but to me it is exciting and fascinating. I have grown up with ghosts. Most of them couldn’t care less about the living. They simply exist in another realm, doing what they do. And they provide endless scope for my fictional stories. So, who wants to come ghost hunting with me?

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Deadline Looms! #ScribeFest Short Story Competition

Hey folks, the deadline for our #ScribeFest Short Story Competition is 12 noon (BST) THIS FRIDAY!! That’s 25th September, just to be clear. If you haven’t already written your FAB festival themed short story for us, then hurry up and get it in! Thank you. And see you in October…

85ac0-notebook!short-story-competition-2015/c1k9i @ScribeFestival

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Welcome to SCRIBE Middlewich Literary Festival #ScribeFest

SCRIBE Festival takes place this October in Middlewich, Cheshire. We have brought together a range of local authors, some that you may have heard of, some that you may not. Our authors will be providing workshops throughout the day on Saturday 17th October where you can polish your skills in writing non-fiction, writing for radio, and writing poetry. You can also meet the authors, ask questions about their work and their adventures in the publishing world, and see their books for sale. Our authors are wide ranging, including stories for children, adult horror stories, paranormal romance,  historical accounts, local myths and legends, and much more.

Alongside the author events, we are offering a few slightly different experiences. Throughout the week you can attend talks, presentations, a Read Dating event, and our Short Story Awards Evening. Details of the full program, and online booking is available via the SCRIBE website. For your children we offer an invitation to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, and later that day we have our local artist and illustrator Ian Hill-Smith collaborating with children’s writer Philip Latham for a lively interactive workshop called “Children’s Literature and Illustration.” This was a huge hit at our festival in 2014, with both adults and children joining the fun and rising to the challenge.

And now, back to the writing. Do you have ideas for stories buzzing in your mind or languishing in a notebook somewhere? Then write them down, and send them to us! We have the fabulous SCRIBE Short Story Competition open to all, but we do love to see submissions from our local friends. For details on how to enter, please see our Short Story Competition page on the website. You can win cash prizes, and you will be invited to our Short Story Awards Evening presentation, taking place during the SCRIBE festival, 12th – 17th October. The deadline for story submissions is 25th September, so get those pencils scribbling!

For more information, and to keep updated with news on events and workshops, follow @ScribeFestival on Twitter, and search #ScribeFest, or you can like our page on Facebook. We may add more events in the run-up to the big week, if we can fit them in, so keep checking back, and make sure you book your places and get your tickets now, as this will be one busy week in Middlewich! See you soon!

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A Big Hug to all Parents with School Children #emotional #parenting

Phew! I was totally unprepared for the emotional rollercoaster that is my elder daughter’s first full week at school, and my younger daughter’s first week at preschool. We started the term full of excitement, happiness, and a little anxiety. As this week has worn on, I have turned into what can only be described as an emotional wreck! I have swung from happy and free, to grumpy and stressed, and now I am quite simply exhausted. And I know I am not alone here. All around me are parents in exactly the same position, both mums and dads (and even grandparents and carers I presume).


Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we sail along in the blissfully ignorant belief that our child will be different, and that our experience will be better than what our parents described, or our peers? I think we are just stubborn. And I also believe that we put too many expectations upon ourselves. For example, I had planned to miraculously start cleaning our house, clearing out all our old toys and craft bits, and still find time to do my professional work. How the heck did I even think to accomplish such a task, when I’ve spent most of the week alternately crying, laughing hysterically, and worrying about my children? Aagghhh!!!


And, relax. Take a deep breath. Ready everyone? Breathe in… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Breathe out… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Our darlings are safe and supported. We are safe and supported. Everything works out as it is supposed to. We are free to be ourselves. We are allowed to care for ourselves. And in the spirit of self care, I am away now to cuddle my new amethyst crystal lamp, breathe in my incense, and rest. See you later, and big hugs for everyone!

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SCRIBE Short Story Competition 2015 #ScribeFest

In June 2015, Middlewich residents and visitors from across the UK joined in a weekend long celebration of the town’s renowned FAB (Folk and Boat) festival.

Up to 15 venues played host to music and dance throughout the weekend on the Middlewich canalside and in the town centre. Artists from around the world entertained thousands of visitors each day.

Together with hundreds of canal boats and the town centre setting, the Middlewich FAB festival has continued to provide a fabulous showcase of live entertainment every June since 1990, and has attracted renowned performers including Bob Geldof, Lindisfarne, Ade Edmonson, Neville Staples and many more.

In recognition of this amazing and unique event, the SCRIBE festival has based the 2015 under 16s and over 16s short story competitions on FAB.

For details on how to enter, please see our Short Story Competition page on the website You can win cash prizes, and you will be invited to our Short Story Awards Evening presentation, taking place during the SCRIBE festival, 12th – 17th October. The deadline for story submissions is 25th September, so get those pencils scribbling!

For more information, and to keep updated with news on events and workshops, follow @ScribeFestival on Twitter, and search #ScribeFest, or you can like our page on Facebook.

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#Halloween Reading Event at Stoke-on-Trent City Library

I am very pleased to announce that I will be a guest author at the Dose of Dark Fiction event with “Father Darkness” Dan Weatherer on Saturday 31st October. Come and join us, if you dare!


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A Message for my Daughter, on Your First Day at School

The day has arrived. Today, my eldest daughter, Elliot, begins her new adventure at Big School. I wanted to write something poignant, so here is a little poem, written from one proud Mummy to her baby:


Treasure your baby, they told me,
for time will fly as she grows.
Remember her joyful smiles
Tiny fingers and wiggling toes.
Yes, I know, I told them,
I know they grow up so fast
And I have treasured and cherished our time together
We played, we learned, we laughed.

Now you begin a new journey
And I will be there at your side,
I will take you to school every morning
And bring you home every night,
Your friends will be with you
To share learning and laughter,
I will always treasure our precious time
My sweetheart, my Elliot, my daughter.

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