I’m a #CampNaNoWriMo Winner!

I am so happy! My Muse has returned, and I have reached my target and won #CampNaNoWriMo for the first time. I attempted it in previous years and was unsuccessful, so this feels like a real achievement. #CampNaNoWriMo differs from #NaNoWriMo because you choose the word count, and everything is more relaxed. I decided to aim for 25,000 words on my new novel, and I got there in 23 days, hooray! And now I will continue writing, because the words are flowing again. Here is a synopsis of my new novel, Hunting the Hunted:

Frederick James Mitchell is a very old, very bored, vampire. He haunts the hidden tunnels beneath the city of Manchester, and hides out in his luxury penthouse apartment when he is playing human. One day he discovers a vampire hunter watching him. He lures her underground to fight, but his control is lost when she brings backup in the form of  battle hardened twins William and Samantha. By a curious twist of fate, Frederick is saved by the intervention of an enchanting young female vampire. His lust for life awakened, he sets about seeking revenge from his attackers, taking pleasure wherever and whenever he chooses.

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My Spiritual Journey: Manifesting my Desires #LawofAttraction

You may recall that I am currently in the process of revisiting old spiritual practices that I had fallen behind with due to various domestic distractions. I have been learning about, and practicing, Law of Attraction, for almost ten years now. My journey began in a pretty Cornish tourist town called Looe (later to become the fictional home of my Redcliffe novels series). I found myself at a loose end one morning, wandering around the town alone. And I saw a pretty little angel shop, full of crystals, statues, butterflies and fairies, among other things. I bought some crystals, which began another adventure that I am still exploring, and I bought a book called You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.


That book quite literally changed my life. I had believed people when they said that before. I mean, I love reading, but how can a book change your life? Well, evidently it can, and this one did. As I read the words, I began to feel a light dawning. The world suddenly began to make sense to me. Louise Hay’s words were very practical, very simple, and totally true. I returned home from that trip feeling invigorated and ready to take action to fix the ills of my life. It was a slow process, because I had a lot to learn, and I still do. I find that working with the Law of Attraction can be quite tricky, because very often it goes against everything that I have been raised to believe and follow. It requires me to trust my instincts, to believe what my soul tells me, and that is sometimes challenging when I live in the ‘real world.’


After I read that first book, I was hooked. I went out and bought or borrowed as many more of these types of books as I could get my hands on. I found Sonia Choquette, Esther and Jerry Hicks with their Teachings of Abraham series, and a whole lot of other authors and teachers. I became addicted to Hay House Radio, and I started writing and speaking daily affirmations. I also made an effort to resume my journal, although I didn’t update it every day. There was so much to explore. I am still exploring now. And more recently, during the past eighteen months, I found a new teacher and inspirational person. I joined Google+ in an effort to build on my author platform, and found my way to the Hangout with Michael show. Michael Losier tells it like it is. He lives, breathes and teaches Law of Attraction, and he resonates with me very deeply. So, I am stepping out once again on my journey, continuing the quest, manifesting all of the happy things that I like to feel in my life. We can all do it, you know. Just allow!

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A Taste of Vampire Seduction in ‘The Darkness of Love’

Amelia picked up her glass and took a long sip of the rich red wine.  When she spoke again her eyes were glowing and her fangs had extended delicately.  Gregory felt her energy filling the room, and he smiled, responding with a lash of his own cold power.  He possessed the energy and strength of diamonds, hard and impenetrable.  Amelia shivered, her lips curling in a hiss, and wrapped her violet sparks around him in a cold, sharp embrace.  To a human there was nothing unusual in this room, but to a vampire, it was electric and very exciting.  They played a fine line between safety and danger, and Amelia thrived on danger.

“You wish for me to seduce this young man at your party next week?” Amelia asked, still caressing Gregory with her power, while she stood like a marble statue in front of the fireplace.

Gregory nodded, keeping his cool silver gaze fixed on her black eyes.  He tried so hard to ignore his Mistress’ advances, but he could never refuse her.  He belonged to her, and he was not strong enough to break free.

“Yes,” he said, “I am sure he will be compliant, for he is a man with vigorous appetites, or so I hear from the villagers.  He has a reputation among the workers’ daughters.”

Amelia smiled and nodded, her eyes glowing with excitement.  She licked her lips, and her eyes showed a glimmer of fire, deep in the pupils.  She was a contradiction of everything the vampires knew about themselves.  She burned with both fire and ice, and no-one could escape her trap when she set it.

“I will not disappoint my oldest friend.” she said simply.

 Did you enjoy that? Do you want to read more? Then get your FREE copy of The Darkness of Love now! And don’t forget to leave a review…

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New Mobile Phone Day! #happytimes #simplepleasures

Hello everybody and Happy Monday! Today I want to talk about the simple pleasures in life. You know, like eating hot buttered toast (especially in hospital following surgery or labour), enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee, or getting a new mobile phone. You see, this weekend I dragged my husband and the children out for a family visit to the mobile phone store. This was actually quite a big event for us, being rather behind in the advancement of technology. The world is evolving far too fast!


Anyway, I had been nagging at my husband for a long time about his phone. He hadn’t upgraded it for about four years, it was an old model that barely even turned on, much less made and received phone calls. He could not upload apps for social networks, and he wasn’t really bothered about it. He isn’t one for communicating… As it turns out, he now has a reduced monthly cost for his phone, because his usage is so basic. So, thanks to me, he saved money and got a shiny new phone to play with. Ha!

And then there was me. I had waited impatiently for the date from which I could upgrade my phone for free, since the handset I was using had taken a battering, not least thanks to my exuberant children. It was already a replacement, since my toddler smashed the previous phone when she threw it onto a concrete floor. But that’s another story. I wanted a new phone that had more data allowance, was slightly smaller for me to handle, and can manage all the apps that I currently use, and more that I was looking to download.

Yes, I am slightly more savvy than my husband, and I do enjoy new technology. I think the excitement is partly inherited from my dad, who regularly has new cars and phones, among other things. My husband and I are old enough to remember a time without smartphones. We both started out with the old BT Cellnet mobiles, do you remember those? Oh yes, and we were loyal Nokia consumers back in the old days. So now, we find it fascinating to download apps, browse the internet, read hundreds of newspapers and blogs, and do all the other stuff that smartphones allow. And we have all of this technology for what we consider a very reasonable price.


My message for the week is simple: enjoy the little things in life, those activities, habits and daily events that make you smile and give you a warm, fuzzy feeling. Like having a shiny new phone to play with. Embrace the eager inner child, let them play. Have a great week, my friends!

*Hot Buttered Toast image found on Pinterest; Old Mobile Phones image from Gizmodo

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What Do I Want? #LawofAttraction How to Reach Your Vibration

What do I want? What do you want? What do any of us want? There is the ultimate question, and it is one that I had forgotten about until I re-watched an episode of Hang Out With Penny on YouTube. I first came across Penny Peddie via a Google+ hangout that I stumbled across late last year. Somewhere in my travels, I learned about Michael Losier and his work teaching Law of Attraction. His words and his attitude really got my attention, because I could see the sense in what he talked about, and it is the same with Penny. We have never met. Neither of these people know who I am. But still they feel like kindred spirits, and I enjoy watching their hangout shows.

The main question that they teach is this: What Do I Want? Whenever we struggle with something in our daily lives, whether that be financial struggles, career frustration, family disputes, or anything pertaining to the nuances of being human, we seem to focus on the negative as a reaction to the problem. In fact, it seems to take an awful lot of effort to stand back and assess a situation from the outside. When we allow ourselves the time to really consider it, perhaps our problem is not so bad as it first seemed. There is always a solution. And often, the solution is to change our attitude. Instead of focusing on lack, or conflict, or confusion, why not focus on what we do have abundance of; the things that make us feel good?


So, for example, we might complain that we have no money (guilty!) That may be true for a variety of reasons, but it might also not actually be as bad as we think. I have never been homeless. My husband’s wage ensures that our essential bills are paid and that we have enough food to keep our family of four healthy and content. We can even afford luxuries like alcohol and chocolate treats. So really, what do I have to complain about. Thanks to the income we receive from my husband’s hard work, I am free to pursue my writing career, without the constraints of needing to earn a regular personal wage.

There we go. Right there is a reason to cheer up and be positive. Now that I realise my financial situation is actually pretty secure, I can stop chasing money, and just allow it to come to me naturally. I am free to be. How can you put a positive spin on your current dilemma? Try it, and if you wish to share, please tell us about it here. Let’s all get this Law of Attraction thing sorted. What Do You Want?

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*FREE BOOK!* Special Summer Offer – The Darkness of Love

That’s right folks, you can now obtain your FREE copy of The Darkness of Love, for a limited time only. It is available in most digital formats, including Kindle, Adobe Acrobat, and Epub. Get over to the All Romance Ebooks website and take advantage of this most generous offer… and don’t forget to leave your review afterwards! Enjoy…


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Angel Therapy Oracle Card Reading for your #Spiritual #Healing

On the night of the full moon, right at the beginning of July, I felt compelled to perform an Angel Therapy Oracle Card reading. I asked for guidance on behalf of those who have lost their way in life. Do you feel the need of a spiritual hand to guide and support you through these challenging times? Then this reading is for you:


1. Be Willing to Forgive – You have been hurt by someone who you trusted and loved. Perhaps the blame does not lie entirely at their door. How does it feel, carrying the weight of pain and anger towards these loved ones? Do they even know how you feel? Are you ready to release it? Believe me when I say that you will feel physically and emotionally better once you consciously make an effort to disperse the feelings of pain, suffering and betrayal that you cling to so desperately. Free yourself of the burden.

2. Shield Yourself – The world is a frightening place. People are unpredictable and volatile. Every day you hear about a new disaster, or crime, or discord in your community. Do not believe everything you see in the news. There are always two sides to a story. Protect yourself and your sensitive energy by constructing a bubble of white light all around your body. This is your shield: it is your power, your sacred space. Ask Archangel Michael for help if you feel the need. He will come to you in spirit, offering strength and support as your silent guardian. Hear his messages, and know that you are safe.

 You Are a Powerful LightworkerShield Yourself

3. You are a Powerful Lightworker – Now is a good time to embrace the power that you feel within. You came into this life with a purpose, but you got a little distracted by human urges. Do not worry. This was all part of your experience. Now you can move forward, to wherever your soul is calling. There you can perfect the art of your Craft. Maybe you feel compelled to explore holistic health. Perhaps your interests and sympathies are in more counselling-oriented arenas. Or perhaps yours is a journey of exploration, where you might walk a new path, share a new vision, and build a network of healers and lightworkers just like you. What is calling you right now? Explore it. See where it takes you.

4. Solar Plexus Chakra – It is safe for you to be powerful, and to take charge of your life in positive ways. Release the fear. You are no longer a victim. You have no need of guilt, or pain, or hatred towards others. You are the creator of your life experience, and you may lead by example. Be honest with yourself. Be true.

5. Crown Chakra – Pay attention to your ideas, as they are messages of true Divine guidance sent in answer to your prayers. Do these ideas sound crazy, wild, or unattainable? They are not. Anything is possible. Simply ask your spirit guides for help and they will show you the way. Perhaps it will take longer than you would like. Do it anyway. At least then you can enjoy the adventure, and who knows where it might lead?

Ocean View

I hope you find some encouragement in this reading, my friends. Now is the time to embrace light and love, and move our people forward, into our true existence.

Blessed Be, and Infinite Love, my friends.

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What does a Writer really Think? #amwriting #inspiration

The sun was setting on a late June day in the North of England. I had gone upstairs to get ready for bed, and as I was closing my bedroom curtains, I paused and stared thoughtfully ahead. My bedroom looks out over the quiet street that is our cul-de-sac, bordered by a freight railway line. Across the road there is a row of semi detached bungalows. Behind them to my right I can see the roofs of the row of Victorian terraced houses on our neighbouring street. To my left I can see a new housing estate, consisting of several blocks of flats. This is where my attention was drawn that night.

I saw a man on the balcony of a top floor apartment. He was far enough away that I could not see his features clearly, only that he is white, of average build, with dark hair. He might be a similar age to me, early to mid-thirties. He was bathed in the orange glow of electric light from the room behind, and he was talking to someone on his mobile phone. Nothing special there, you might think. But for some reason, I stopped and watched him, partially concealed behind my black curtains with silver foil print gargoyles. This man fascinated me. I could make use of him… why was he on the phone? Who was he speaking to? Was there a specific reason for a phone call at this hour of the night, almost 10 o’clock, middle of the working week?


In my mind he became a creature of the night. Perhaps he is a were-animal, and this suburban apartment is his link to the human world. Maybe he was dealing with pack business, and when darkness fell, he disappeared into the night, intent on resolving the issues or patrolling his territory. Ah, yes, he could be a very convincing black leopard, perhaps. Or maybe he is a vampire, and he was making arrangements to meet friends or ambush a known vampire hunter in the area, thus protecting himself and his kind. Or, he could be a witch, planning a coven meeting, or preparing for the summer harvest celebrations… the possibilities are endless.

All this flashed through my mind in the space of about 3 minutes, as I watched my unsuspecting character going about his innocent (I hope!) human business. He never saw me. I am adept at concealing myself when I want to people watch. I think this is the trait of a writer. We are always working, whether that work translates onto paper or computer, or not. We observe, we gather stories, we embellish. We are always creating.

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Why I love to read?


I have to share this one, because it resonates. I can name books for every important development stage in my life, and just recently I revived fond memories of reading ‘Anne of Green Gables’ as a child… my life is pretty much defined by books and reading, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Originally posted on Words, Words, Words:


When I was I bored, I read Junie B. Jones and laughed at her antics.

When my sister was sick and away in the hospital, I could pretend she was staying with Amelia Bedelia and would be coming home soon.

When my parents were divorcing, I realized it wasn’t as scary as the Goosebumps books stuffed beneath my bed.

When I was angry, I could calm down in the arms of my favorite teen heart throbs (Tamani from Wings and Dimitri from Vampire Academy, I’m looking at you).

When I was alone and felt like the world may crumble around me, I could run and run and run forever with the characters in Stephen King’s Cell.

Even today, when I don’t think I’m going to make it, I can pick any book on my shelf and escape for awhile. That’s what books are – glimpses. Glimpses into worlds…

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I Need a Writing Retreat… Hello #CampNaNoWriMo!

My writing has not been forthcoming of late. It is all my own fault. I have allowed myself to stray from the path. I have become too easily distracted by domestic activities, holidays, social events and the like. At the moment the only writing I manage to do on a regular basis is for my blogs, and even that is becoming sketchy during recent weeks. Life is getting in the way, as the old saying goes. I need a break. I need… #CampNaNoWriMo.

My main problem with writing is that I flutter about and do not immerse myself fully in my work at the moment. It was easier when I was writing the first three installments of the Redcliffe novels. Back then I would put my daughter to bed at night and settle down for three-five hours of solid writing. And it was brilliant. I thrived on it. The story burst forth from my mind, the characters leaped onto the page, and my Muse was alive and vibrant. And then something happened. It was around the time I became pregnant with my second child. My Muse went on strike. And she has not yet properly returned.

I have had flashes of inspiration, but nothing that gives me the incentive to sit down at my computer and just write. I have had a couple of evenings where I managed an hour here and there. I have a couple of completed manuscripts that need further editing so that I can send them to publishers. I also have a complete edited novel that has so far not been snapped up by a publisher or agent. I cannot imagine why. Who wouldn’t want to publish a novel called The Vampire of Blackpool?

Anyway, I am fed up with my procrastinating. I need to write. I need to write properly. And for that I need deadlines, encouragement, a sense of purpose. And here comes #CampNaNoWriMo. Perfect! For the whole month of July I can immerse myself in a virtual log cabin in the wilderness of the wild and distant Internet, and I can write my story, whatever that may be. I think this one is about a lone vampire lurking beneath the streets in Manchester. I am not sure. I will ask my Muse for help. Perhaps she will be coaxed out by the promise of a hot chocolate with marshmallows… Who is with me? See you later, campers!

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