Preparing for the new Season

It is that time of year when the nights are drawing in, the evenings are just a little bit cooler, and in the mornings you feel the crisp, sharp promise of autumn in the air. I love the changing of the seasons, whatever time of year, because I feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. After a long, hot and very pleasant summer (although perhaps a little less adventurous than I would prefer), I now look forward to a refreshing autumn.


Part of my preparations for autumn include another Big House Clean, and a refresh of my book marketing strategy as I continue to try various free methods of advertising in an effort to become the international bestseller that I deserve to be. The Big House Clean has begun in earnest today, and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment as I have cleared out unused toys, tidied up the ones that are played with, and properly cleaned my living room and dining room after being very easily distracted every time I planned to clean recently.


As for the book marketing, well, that continues to be ongoing. I am awaiting responses from agents regarding a manuscript I want to have published next, and I am working on the next installment of the Redcliffe novels series. My new interest is a website called Rebelmouse, which is a new social media sharing platform that seems a bit complicated but feels quite exciting to explore. Working with ASMSG (Authors Social Media Support Group) I am developing my knowledge and putting into practice some new ideas and advertisements. Let’s see where it takes us…

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A Snapshot of my Summer

Today I share a selection of photographs from my summer adventures here in the UK:

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The Writing Blog Hop – #amwriting #whywrite #ASMSG

I have been nominated by Lorraine Reguly to participate in the Writing Blog Hop. Now, I actually did this one a couple of months ago over on my Catherine Green Author blog, so today I share it over here (with a few changes as time has passed). This is your chance to take a peek into the world of Catherine the Author…


1. What am I working on now?

Technically I am not working on anything specific. My time is currently taken up with two young children, a dog and a few domestic distractions. I have dabbled in several stories during previous months, and now I have the urge to focus on book 4 in the Redcliffe series. It follows the adventures of Jessica Stone and her supernatural friends in Cornwall, as Jessica struggles to control her metaphysical animal familiar who wants control of the werewolf pack belonging to her vampire lover’s twin brother…

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

My work is set in the UK, which to my knowledge is rare for popular vampire/werewolf/witch stories. I mean, yes there is the ultimate classic novel by Bram Stoker, and yes I know Darren Shan writes about vampires, but I haven’t found any writers in the shops that offer adult paranormal stories in everyday situations. My characters could be your local shop owners, the landlord of your local pub, even your local police detective or hospital nurse…

3. Why do I write what I do?

I have to! The stories came to me as a child, although they have evolved and matured over time along with me. I always have something whizzing round my head that is desperate to be expressed. My stories must be told!

4. How does my writing process work?

I am what is currently called a ‘pantser’ in the writing world. That means I write by the seat of my pants! I did try structuring my first novel Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel), but after that I just allowed the words to flow, and then I worried about editing and tidying afterwards. It is so exciting to read something back and realise that it is bloody good!


I met Lorraine recently in the wonderful world of online writer forums (and probably through Twitter), and she seems quite an inspirational character in her own right. I look forward to reading her book, Risky Issues.

And  now time to pay it forward. I nominate Dan Weatherer and Lucy Pireel to take up the challenge. Both authors are local to me, and both write about supernatural, paranormal and often gruesome subjects. Take it away my friends!

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All Good Things Must Come to an End

Today I am feeling a little bit nostalgic, and it is all because of my favourite radio news channel, BBC 5 Live. The reason for this is that the radio station announced a big reshuffle of programmes and presenters during the summer break, and now we say farewell to some radio broadcasters with which I feel I have become quite familiar. Today we said goodbye to Victoria Derbyshire, and the finale to her programme actually brought a tear to my eye, especially when I heard her voice quivering as she signed off.

It is strange how we become so attached to these people. I mean, I have never met Victoria Derbyshire, and I have never spoken to her directly (apart from the odd tweet here and there), but I feel a connection because I have listened to her radio show for the past 3 years. She seems like a decent female role model, who manages to combine family life with a successful career in much the way that I envisage my own life panning out.


And there is the revelation. I have been feeling quite bored lately. I haven’t yet gone away on holiday this year because the two holidays I had planned were cancelled for various reasons. It has been a good few months since we had a family daytrip, as my husband has been busy at work. However, I haven’t simply been sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. I mean, that is impossible when I have sole responsibility for two children under the age of four. No, we have been out doing things, and they have all been very enjoyable.

Sometimes I think I let my mind wander too much, and I take things far too seriously. OK, so my writing career is not developing as quickly as I would like. So what? My priority right now is my children, and it has taken me until now to realise that actually, it’s ok to not switch on the computer for a day, and it’s ok that I don’t have a regular personal income. For now I must rely on my husband’s financial support as he relies on my practical support. When my children grow older I will have plenty of time to write, promote and get myself ‘out there’ in the big, wide world. For now I am content to nurture, educate, and play with my young family.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


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All Change for the New Season!

The school summer holiday has almost ended, and I am feeling a sense of peace and anticipation ahead as we move forward into September. My eldest daughter enters her final year of preschool before I send her out into the world of formal education, and I am already feeling a little anxious about this. She is too young to go to school yet! Oh well, I will savour our final year together while we are still able to do weekday activities… and of course, my youngest daughter is still only a baby, just about.

I feel that the past three years have been a time of change, learning and development for me. During this time I have nurtured and birthed two children, and my career has finally taken some direction after years of searching. There have been months recently where I felt unsure, frustrated and confused about why my efforts were not giving out the results I expected. Prior to this I took some time to nurture my spiritual needs, and this has helped enormously during the trials and challenges of young parenthood.

Now it feels like things are finally taking shape. I have come to accept that my career will develop more slowly than I would like, but I choose this because I prefer to focus my time on my children while they are young. There is plenty of time for me to work when they are at school, and then I can throw myself into my plans and developments. For now I end the summer holiday feeling blessed, loved, and very thankful that I am able to live such a quiet, peaceful and fulfilled life. 

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My Spiritual Journey: Powered by the Supermoon

It has been a turbulent week here in the UK. We were battered by hurricane Bertha over the weekend, and I think we are still feeling her effects now, judging by the high winds and sharp rainstorms today. I also finally found time to reconnect my spiritual self. During recent months I had become overwhelmed with domestic challenges, parental responsibilities, and various other minor issues that came together to distract me from my journey. Well, I say distract, but truthfully I know this is all part of the experience.


On Monday night I put my children to bed, wandered downstairs, and noticed that I could see a beautiful large full moon from my front window. She caught my attention, and I found myself setting  up an unplanned meditation session. It was perfect, and just what I needed for some self reflection and to regain a sense of peace in my life. I took out my Tarot cards, did a Goddess card reading, and cleansed  my crystals under the light of the supermoon energy. And all to the tune of my favourite spiritual YouTube playlist.


For the rest of this week I have felt calm, collected and more like myself than I have in a long time. It’s funny how we allow ourselves to become so consumed in daily routine that we forget about ourselves and sort of drift away. Now I am allowing myself to do some things that make me happy, rather than dwelling on what I think I should be doing based on the opinions of my peers. Ultimately, we live our lives for a reason. And, as my spiritual brother is fond of saying, we are human beings, not human doings!

Have a fantastic week my friends!

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Redheads Go Free! #WorldOrangutanDay

A friend told me this very exciting news just a few days ago. Twycross Zoo are offering free entry for all red haired people on Tuesday 19th August, in support of World Orang utan Day 2014. That is very cool! On the one hand I wonder at the association, but then again I love these animals, so if I get free entry to the zoo I am happy. Spread the word to your red-haired, ginger, auburn and strawberry blonde friends… (and just for the record, my hair is auburn!)



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