#BookReview: The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing by Githa Ben-David

Have you experienced sound healing therapy? I have and it was fantastic! Today I share a book review for The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing by Githa Ben-David.

My Review

Have you experienced sound healing therapy? Has a particular sound, song or piece of music given you a strange feeling deep inside your body? Then I recommend that you read this book! It is aimed at people who want to practice sound healing professionally, and it offers descriptions, exercises and best practice suggestions based on the author’s knowledge and experience.

I enjoyed reading about scientific research and sound healing, and the psychology behind this ancient tool that we are all capable of utilising, but here in the western world have been conditioned to ignore in favour of expensive drug-based medical treatments. Read this and be enlightened!

About the Book

The concept of The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing is The Note from Heaven – a condition of bliss, where time disappears and the voice seems to sing you, rather than you sing the voice. The experience of surrendering to The Note from Heaven is overwhelming and leads the singer into a state of Oneness, where present, past and future merge together and energetic patterns and traumas can be transformed, and profound healings happen. Book I: The Note from Heaven – How to sing yourself into contact with Oneness. Book II: Regressive Cell-Singing – How to sing yourself free of traumas and change emotional programming. Book III: Sound Healing – How to sound-scan a fellow being with your voice, plus a Q&A with members from the White Brotherhood.

Buy the book: Amazon; Other Bookshops.

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3 Responses to #BookReview: The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing by Githa Ben-David

  1. I love the idea of sound healing – it actually features in my current WIP! Singing bowls and Tibetan chanting do it for me.

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