#BookReview: Resilience Alchemy – A Deck and Guidebook for Self-Discovery and Empowerment by Maude White

I received the Resilience Alchemy card deck and guidebook for review. Read on to  see my experience of working with this card deck.

My Review

These cards are a delight to work with! They look beautiful, with pretty jewel colours that emit a gentle, loving energy. They are simple in design, and the card stock is substantial, making you want to touch and hold the cards. I used the guide book to decide on what kind of card reading to perform, and I used guidance from “The Overlook” card which suggested questions I could ask of the other cards for guidance on my situation. The reading that followed made a lot of sense, and you can see it another blog post before Christmas. I genuinely loved this card deck and I can see the connection to traditional Tarot cards in the way that they are grouped and ordered. If you are a little nervous about Tarot cards but want to explore the field of esoteric guidance, Resilience Alchemy is the card deck for you.

About Resilience Alchemy Card Deck & Book

A grounded yet enchanted, whimsical yet practical deck and guidebook set designed to offer support and guidance to anyone seeking to live an empowered, creative, and resilient life, from celebrated cut-paper artist Maude White.

Resilience Alchemy operates under a simple principle: In order to feel healthy and fulfilled, we might sometimes wish to rearrange and rethink certain aspects of our lives. Resilience Alchemy provides us with a toolset of ideas to help us do this rearranging and rethinking. Through the arrangement and combination of the cards in this deck, the alchemy of the system occurs. Each card is specially designed and chosen to help us in unique and innovative ways.

Whenever you find yourself unsure, expanding, struggling, or needing to ask tough questions, Resilience Alchemy is here to help you generate new answers and find innovative and empowering avenues forward in your life.

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