Tips To Enhance Your Mental Health Through Positive Relationships

Relationships can impact us both positively and negatively. Focusing on relationships that enrich and uplift you can make a huge difference to your mental health and wellbeing. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to boost mental health through strong, supportive relationships. 

Prioritize communication

Communication is an essential component of any healthy relationship. From relationships with partners and friends to the ties you have with colleagues at work, it’s important to understand the benefits of talking and listening. Speak up if you have things on your mind, take the time to listen to other people if they want to talk to you and try to be as open as possible. It’s always best to air grievances and discuss concerns or worries, rather than bottling up emotions and letting them fester. Talking can also be reassuring. It’s crucial to know that the people who love and cherish you will be there to help and support you. Speaking out can help you figure out who is there for you. 

Look for like-minded souls

There are some people we come across in our lives who we seem to be magnetically drawn to or pulled towards. Whether you’re looking to date or find a partner, or you’re developing friendships and exploring new social opportunities, look for like-minded souls with whom you have a connection. You may not feel like you’ve known everyone you meet for the first time forever or form instant connections with lots of people but hold onto those who give you this feeling. Many of us are aware of soulmates, but some people also stumble across twin flames and people who make an instant difference to their lives. If you have a strong connection with another person, explore it further. 

Focus on the people who make you feel good

Relationships have highs and lows and some are much healthier and more nourishing than others. As we get older, we often realize that quality is more important than quantity. Don’t worry if your social circle shrinks. Focus on the people who make you feel good and reduce the amount of time you spend or cut ties with those who put you down or make you feel worthless. Look for people who allow and encourage you to be yourself. Compromise is part of building relationships, but you shouldn’t have to change the way you behave or put on a facade around others. If you feel that you hold back around certain people, or you can’t truly be yourself around friends or people you’re dating, this is a sign that the relationship isn’t right. You deserve to be surrounded by people who love you for you. 

Positive relationships can make you feel strong, safe, confident and happy. Whether you’re in a relationship with a partner, you’re questioning your friendships, or you’re looking for ‘the one,’ focus on enhancing and enriching your mental health by establishing and nourishing relationships that make both people feel good. Prioritize communication, be open and honest and take time to listen. Look for like-minded souls and spend time with people who lift you up and support you.

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