How to Plan a Birthday Party for Adults during the Pandemic

It’s nearly my birthday, and this year it’s a milestone one! My daughter’s birthday is a couple of days before mine, so we have lots of party planning in my house now.

How do I plan to celebrate my big birthday? Well, it proved tricky in the end. I wanted to arrange a weekend away with friends but the pandemic and lots of personal health challenges in my group has put paid to that. We will try again when the time is right. But if you are searching for a birthday trip away, there’s a suggestion. Try a weekend away with friends, or a city hotel break somewhere different.

My next option was to arrange a party in my hometown. It needed to be within walking distance, and we are fortunate to have a few large venues that would be suitable. I didn’t book them early enough, however, and I couldn’t find the right party venue for my birthday, which happens to be on a Saturday. Besides, a few of my friends choose not to socialise due to Covid right now, and I would rather wait until they are able to celebrate with me in a relaxed environment. Add to the fact that my sister is due to give birth within weeks, so she is out, and my guest list is dwindling.

Finally, I settled on a Plan C. I have arranged a meal in a restaurant that I like for myself, my husband and children, and a couple of friends who are able to join us. It will be a small, cosy celebration but a celebration nonetheless and I look forward to it. Now I can plan my party outfit and decide if I need a new dress or not. Well, there are plenty of good sales around now so I should have a look! I have also arranged a shopping trip with my mum just after my birthday and it’s to a place we haven’t visited for three years, so I am very excited about that.

How do you celebrate your birthdays? Do you have any suggestions to offer?

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