13 Great Tips For College Students: How To Start This New Part Of Your Life

Congratulations on your acceptance to college! This is a big accomplishment and now begins the next chapter in your life. 

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Here Are 13 Helpful Tips You Can Use As You Start This New Part Of Your Life:

  1. Take Notes

College is an intensive time, but it can be fun as well! As such, there will be so much information thrown your way that it might feel a bit overwhelming. However, take advantage of all the free resources that are given to you by taking notes to help you study and stay organized. Also, take time each night to read over these notes before going to bed. Doing this may help give you clarity on what material was covered during the day or week or help give you an edge on what to focus on.

  1. Schedule

Many of your classes will require you to keep a planner – which is great because it is best to be organized! However, if you are having trouble keeping up with it or are forgetting about making time for studying or assignments, try scheduling the week out at the beginning of each month. 

Plan daily, weekly and monthly times for homework, projects, workouts and fun activities. This may seem like too much information to track at once, but it also lets you fit things into your schedule more easily than trying to cram everything in at the last minute. Also, try not to procrastinate as much as possible!

  1. Sleep

Although many consider college a time to cut loose and have a few more years of freedom, this is a huge time where you can take advantage of being able to sleep in. A good night’s sleep might be the most productive thing you do all week! 

However, if your schedule demands 8 hours or more per day, try making sure that you get out of bed every morning at the same time and go to bed at roughly the same time each night.

  1. Driving Safety

Whether you’re headed across campus or to work, it’s important to remember the rules of the road. Do a quick search online for more info on learners’ tests. This might mean taking extra time to plan out your route – even if you normally go there every day! Driving safety is very important because nobody wants to get into trouble with the law or lose their life just trying to get somewhere on time.

  1. Be Flexible

Finding classes that fit your schedule may not always be easy; however, keep an open mind about possibly switching courses or simply getting out of some requirements by taking independent studies instead. If this isn’t possible, try to find out what you can do to make up for any classes that you might miss.

  1. Don’t Stress Too Much About Money

Being at college is not just about school; there are other things that need attention as well. This is especially true in terms of money. You may be tempted to do things like getting a credit card or taking out loans when you don’t have the money for them, but it’s important to think about your future and not put yourself in financial distress by doing so.

  1. Take Advantage of Opportunities

Consider applying for an internship while you are still in school because it can give you an amazing experience before graduation day rolls around. Doing this can help you learn about what kind of career might fit best with your personality type and interests. Even if you don’t get an internship with your favourite company, it’s likely that you’ll discover new places to explore and make even more connections later on in life!

  1. Check Out All of Your Resources

Many schools have specific resources available for students who want help in certain areas. While some may be very basic and include things like a library, others can include services such as career counselling and tutoring sessions. Keep an open mind about these services because they can provide you with the tools that you need to succeed in college and beyond!

  1. Pick Up New Hobbies

It’s always fun to try something new and see where life takes you after college ends! This could mean returning to old hobbies like painting or learning about another activity like cooking; whatever it might be, don’t let yourself stagnate in college because then there won’t be anything for you to enjoy after it’s all over.

  1. Road Safety

Given all the time that students spend on their feet, it’s important to remember that being safe around cars is very important. One way to do this is by staying visible – wearing brightly coloured clothing can help you stay more noticeable, especially when walking or biking at night. Even if you aren’t planning on going out at night, having reflective materials stuck in your backpack may be a good idea.

  1. Save Money for Later in Life

It can be easy to spend money frivolously during college years, but you have to remember that the bills will eventually be paid. That being said, focus on saving whatever money you can between now and then – even if it’s only a few bucks every day. Over time those pennies will add up, especially if invested wisely.

  1. Join a Sports Team

Joining intramural sports teams can be a great way to stay active while also meeting new people – doing so will provide you with memories that last long after college days are over. Even if you’re not the most athletic person, it might be possible for you to get on an un-athletic team by playing against other colleges or even representing your own in activities like chess.

  1. Have Some Fun!

It may seem difficult at times, but try to have some fun during your college years because it’s an amazing time in your life! There are many ways to do this – including having a party with friends or even scheduling something like a game night. 

If you’re the kind of person who likes quiet nights in, spend these evenings reading or watching movies. Make sure to get away from studying and take some time for yourself every once in a while.

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