Sprucing Up A Boring Website

There’s nothing worse than a boring website. Ok, there is. But with more people spending their time online these days, nobody wants to waste their time on a website that’s looking dull, dated or basic. 

There are some great tools and platforms out there that can help you create an amazing website, lifting yours out of the darkest ages – and no coding required. So if it’s time your website had a bit of a facelift, take a look at some of the following ideas for sprucing up a boring website.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Treat yourself to a new design

Having an eye-catching, professional-looking website is much easier than it used to be. You don’t need to know how to code, and there are templates out there that can create a fresh, easy-to-use website. With so many great website builders, including Squarespace and Wix, that have affordable plans and simple interfaces, you can give your website the overhaul it needs quickly and easily. Try it out, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before!

Add some attractive images

Images make a big difference to your website. If you look at the current web design trends, you’ll see that images feature heavily. A big hero image looks great, adding interest to your space, but there are also ways to make images more responsive, and even animated to add some extra special touches to your website. Make sure that any images you use are high-quality and think more carefully about the types of images you choose, it can make a big different to the overall look and feel of your website. 

Revisit your copy and change it

When was the last time you looked at your website’s copy? If it’s been a while, especially on your core pages, then it’s time to make some changes. Website copy needs to be fresh and engaging, stay clear of technical terms and long sentences! You should also familiarise yourself with new SEO practices to help you write better and to help improve your website’s visibility. An SEO agency can help overhaul your website copy, making it much more attractive to Google and other search engines. Revisit your copy regularly, it can help you make continuous improvements to your website.

Think about adding different types of content

Could your website benefit from different types of content? Video and infographics are particularly popular at the moment, and can provide a breath of fresh air amongst all the copy. Being creative with your content can make your website more engaging, as well as supporting your social media efforts. 

Whether you’re starting a new business or you’ve been in the game a while, it’s important to know the impact your website can have. As the shop window to your business, those first impressions really matter when it comes to your website. Create a plan to spruce up your website and get ready to welcome even more visitors to your space.

Photo by Mikael Blomkvist on Pexels.com

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