Ostara Tarot Card Reading for Easter

This weekend we celebrate Easter, and in pagan circles Ostara, the festival of rebirth. Here is a daily Tarot card reading for guidance during the new season.

Tarot Card Reading

1, Works – Ace of Cups

You have been on a long journey where your job/career is concerned. This month sees the culmination of your efforts in terms of training and/or apprenticeship. Now you are older and wiser, and this will serve you well as you progress. You may share your professional expertise with confidence, knowing that you truly understand your trade.

2, Home – Eight of Wands

We feel a sense of freedom now that lockdown restrictions are easing. This pandemic isn’t over yet. Are you smart enough to avoid the crowds and keep to small gatherings or stay home for a while longer? Don’t be a sheep. Lead by example.

3, Unexpected – Queen of Pentacles

It might seem strange that you feel secure when so many people are struggling. Be assured that you deserve this gift and you earned it fair and square. Look out for a surprise competition win or something similar.

4, Your Role – Five of Cups

Are you being honest with yourself? Never mind the other side of the story. This has been a long, hard battle and you know there is more to come. Feel the pain, allow those emotions to pass. Then you may continue on your quest. You are the warrior in this scenario, and you must make the decisions.

5, Outcome – Four of Swords

You might feel some uncertainty as we move forward, and the world begins to open up. Try not to worry. As long as you are careful you will be OK. Take precautions and get back out there. We must move on and face the next hurdle.


I feel that this Tarot card reading is all about our facing up to a future with Covid. The pandemic is still raging, and we are still battling to get the virus under control. While it is tempting to throw caution to the wind, sometimes we must retreat in order to protect ourselves and those we care for. Yes, it is hard, but we can do it. There is a future for us if we responsibly manage what is happening now.

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