The Kids Are Back, How can We Minimise their Pressures to “Catch Up?”

For us parents, the relief in our children going back to school may only be felt by us. After lockdown, our children going back to school can be a mixed blessing. While your kids may be going back and spending more time with their friends, the reality soon dawns that there’s a lot of catching up to do. And when your children go back to learning, it soon becomes apparent that you have to get involved. How can you help your child catch up in school, especially if they are concerned? 

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Address What Level Your Child Should Be At

This may require speaking to the teacher because even though they will be trying to get everybody back up to speed, you need to know where they were before everything changed. Because if your child has exams coming over the next couple of years, and they weren’t in a very strong position, your child may benefit from additional tuition. There are a wide variety of online tuition providers that can bring a little extra light onto the subject. Because your child may be naturally gifted in some subjects, but not others, it is about ensuring you know where your child was before schools shut. 

Acknowledge That it May Be Difficult 

Your child will have a variety of mixed emotions, depending on their age. There’s going to be a difficult time ahead, not just academically but emotionally. It’s important to remind them that returning to school is a very big thing and that you understand this. Be sure that you don’t impose yourself on them, as they may very well be struggling in some ways, but not others. The best thing you can do is to give them the opportunity to talk if they are struggling. 

Being Aware of Different Learning Styles 

It all depends on your child’s teachers. They may very well incorporate different ways of learning, and this may be something you will have focused on at home. If you’ve had to homeschool your child in close quarters, you will have a better understanding of their particular learning styles. During this period of time, if they are struggling to catch up and all their friends are flying ahead, it might be time for you to focus on different ways for them to learn. They may not be a visual learner but focus better if they are auditory learners.

Don’t Forget the Coping Strategies and Well-Being 

Your child may feel the pressure to catch up quickly, but if your child is feeling stressed, it’s important to give them a wide variety of coping strategies. You need to acknowledge this is a very anxiety-inducing time. But you should also help your child to build a healthier routine, whether they are in school or not. If you are glad they are back at school, you’re not alone, but it’s important to remember that this is, in many ways, a whole new heap of anxiety. Our children won’t always have a wonderful time in school, but we must remember that the pressures of academia can overwhelm anybody.

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