Here’s How You Can Make The Most Of The Rule Of Six

Since the government announced a planned phased return to ‘normality’ this summer, many of us have been able to breathe a sigh of relief that we’re finally entering the tail end of the pandemic

Unfortunately, with restrictions still set to apply in some sense until the end of June, keeping our eyes too firmly on that end date (which may still change,) could make the next few months painful and even slower than the ones before them.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, it’s important to take each phase of eased restrictions as it comes and to make the most of it to its fullest. Obviously, the kids returning to school at the start of this month was a huge step in the right direction, finally freeing us to get a little space to think and work but, next on the agenda is the rule of six, set to come in on March 29th.

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This means that meetings of six people will be permitted in outdoor spaces, so long as social distancing rules are followed. This pitstop on the way to a pandemic-free life is set to spell a huge change in the isolation and ongoing separation that pandemic life has brought. But, how can you make the most of this change when it finally comes into play?

Plan fun outdoor activities

Given that the rule of six very much applies to outdoor meetings only, it’s vital that you put plans in place for fun outdoor activities to keep your weekends full and ensure you can safely see everyone that you’ve been missing. Luckily, there are some fantastic options set to open this summer, and making the most of them is guaranteed to bring light back into your days. You could certainly benefit from taking time now to plan trips to some of the best stately homes to visit or book advance tickets for iconic animal parks like Longleat. You’d be amazed by how much these little trips could transform your weekends as you know them. 

Get your garden ready to go

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While most of us perfected our gardens during the gentle days of the first lockdown, this latest period indoors has seen us busier than ever as we’ve tried to juggle work and schooling. That, mixed with a pretty harsh winter, has left many of our gardens worse for wear. Make sure that this doesn’t stop you from finally seeing your loved ones by getting your garden ready to roll when restrictions do lift. Specifically, de-weed those garden beds, clean off that garden furniture and mow the lawn so that the kids and their cousins/friends/etc. can have fun while you adults catch up. 

A final word

There’s no denying that the past year has been tough on everyone, especially as 2021 has led to yet more restrictions, often with no end in sight. Now, though, chinks of change are finally shining through the pandemic darkness. Are you ready to invite them in so that these last few months are easier for everyone to bear?

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