Do You have Lockdown Fatigue?

I think I have lockdown fatigue. Here in the UK we have been in lockdown for six weeks and there is no sign of it ending any time soon, despite our accelerated vaccination program. My children miss their school friends and the school routine. I miss my friends and family. I miss my social life.

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Do you have lockdown fatigue? Today is the first day of our half-term holiday and normally I would take the children and stay with my mum for a few days. Mum would help me with the childcare, allowing me precious time to work alone while she runs around with the children. Their cousin would come to play. We would have lots of laughs, lots of fun, and make lots of memories. But not this half term. This time it is just me and my girls with our dog, stuck at home with nowhere to go.

I am bored. There is lots for us to do. We have a large stash of craft goodies, hundreds of books to read, on demand TV and movies, board games galore, and computer games. But I don’t want to do any of those activities. I want to visit the beach, and the museum, and give my girls a day out at the splash park and swimming pool. All of those activities are firmly locked, and we don’t know when we will experience them again. It makes me sad for my children, who at 7 and 10 should be playing with their friends, having adventures and making memories. The only memories they have are being stuck at home with mum.

Every time I feel sorry for myself and my children I hear a little voice reminding me how lucky we are to have a safe, comfortable home, that we haven’t suffered physical symptoms so far during the pandemic, and that we still have all of our nearest and dearest. Yes, I know we are lucky, and I am grateful. But I still feel bored, fed up and frustrated about being locked away at home when there is so much life to live. When will this end? And where will we be when it is over?

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5 Responses to Do You have Lockdown Fatigue?

  1. Olivia says:

    I relate to this. I am so so fatigued. I want this to be over already! But, its important to remember how lucky we truly are for the things we have!

    Olivia |

    • Me too! As long as we remember that it’s ok to feel frustrated and fed-up, and the more the we share our feelings the more we lightne the load and reduce the risk of developing illness. See you on the other side! 🙂

  2. Yes, I had been working from home most of the time for a while because of winter and it’s quite a long drive to my work, and I was just thinking about going into the office and then the pandemic hit and I was stuck. Also, having moved to Canada in 2018, it took a while for our social life to get going, and it was doing well and then boom. I hope when this is finally over, we will all spend less time on social media and more time in real social interactions.

    • Me too. Technology has been wonderful but I miss real-life interactions and watching the world go by from a café table or a park bench. I want to invite my friends to my house for a social visit!

      • Yes, can’t wait for real social interaction. What’s a pub? What’s a restaurant? We went for a walk the other day and chatted with random strangers (standing two metres away obviously) and even that made me emotional.

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