4 Ways You Can Make Money As A Writer

Writing is an exclusive pastime which many people enjoy. It is mostly a hobby, providing an avenue through which authors can translate their inspirations, thoughts, creative ideas, and feelings into pieces that connect with readers. In 2019, there were about 85,000 employees in writing-related jobs in the UK. Many opportunities now exist in the world for writers to make money out of their craft. Are you interested in ways that you can make more money as a writer? Here are four points you should consider.

  1. Create a personal blog or website

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Blogging is a popular way through which writers can monetize their craft. In this digital age, everyone has an online presence, meaning there is a lot of potential money you can make from writing content that people are interested in reading. You can use sites like WordPress or hire a professional to make a custom website for your blog. After finding a niche and target readers, focus on creating content that will draw people to your blog. Consequently, it would be best if you integrated affiliate marketing, banner adverts, and sponsored content, among others, to make sure you profit from the traffic to your blog. 

  1. Self-publishing

Self-publishing is another way for writers to make money from their skill potentially. In the past, writing a best-seller was a distant dream for writers, but today through Amazon Kindle, authors can write, publish, and distribute their books. Since you will not be using a publisher’s services, you will need to use other avenues like social media, to market your books. Many self-published authors agree that being prolific and business-minded is vital to your success as a self-publisher. Bestselling self-published author Adam Croft stresses editing and proofreading as key to his success. Follow this advice by visiting sites like https://www.setapp.com/how-to/edit-pdf-files-on-mac to learn how to edit your work before making it commercially available. 

  1. Write online articles

Many websites and blogs often need writers to create content that attracts people – making the demand for writers is usually quite high. A study estimated the average salary of a freelance writer in England to be around £90.47 daily. Online writing is prevalent in today’s world because it does not always require academic qualifications, and it offers a flexible schedule and a decent salary. There are several popular websites like Buzzfeed and Vice that pay you for your submissions. Check out various options to find one that best suits you to start making money as a writer.

  1. Take part in writing contests

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Although you are not guaranteed to win, writing contests are an exciting way for writers to showcase their passion, with the possibility of making good cash. There are tons of monthly essay competitions in the UK and thousands globally with attractive cash prizes that you can try your hands on in the hopes of winning. You sharpen your writing through regular practice, and so even if you do not win, you would have gained valuable experience that would help you become a better writer.

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