Vampire Tarot Reading for Halloween

Join me as we explore the Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night for a Tarot reading that explores our dark desires, our relationships, and how we feel about ourselves. 

Today I give you The Cross Tarot spread. It offers guidance for a close personal relationship. Be warned, this reading will rip away the shroud that you have wrapped yourself in, it will pull you out of the shadows, and it will force you to face the truth that you have been hiding from.

1, Nine of Pentacles – Yesterday: What led to the current situation

There was always darkness in this person, and that might be what drew you to them in the first place. Your innocence and purity appealed to them; the essence of something they felt they never had. You were not going to escape the darkness that exudes from them, and you knew it, deep down. You walked willingly into their trap.

2, Knave of Pentacles – Tomorrow: The immediate future

Don’t be fooled by the riches and gifts that they offer. Remember the pain and the abandonment that happened before. You are wise to their tricks now. Yes, they need an ally and a friend, but you are not that person. You really tried, and now you must step away. Ignore their feeble attempt to buy your favour.

3, Knave of Wands – What is hidden: Events or facts that you are not aware of

Your suspicions were correct. Yes, there is great talent here. Your relationship can never compare to the joy of their obsession. It is everything to them, and you are nothing. They never favour you above it, and they never will. You will always be an afterthought. Do you want to live like this?

4, Seven of Wands – What is known: Events or facts that you are aware of

Choose your battles. How many times have you been in this situation with this person? Too many times, I can tell you. You pride yourself on being strong, you fight for what you believe in. But this is no longer your fight. Lay down your weapons. Walk away. You are finished.

5, Seven of Cups – The Path: The Tarot’s advice

You must end this game once and for all. The fantasy is wonderful and filled with passion, but it does not translate into real life. The person on whom you fix your desire will never change. They will never put your needs above theirs. You are only important as long as you fulfil their needs. When you ask for something in return, you will be rebuffed. They do not care about you. Move on.

6, King of Swords – The Truth: The response

This person is not what you expected. They have manipulated you, used you for their pleasure, and dropped you when they found something more exciting. A male energy, this person can be friendly when they feel relaxed. The moment someone questions their authority or their motive, they transform into something far darker and more dangerous. Give them space.

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