Tarot Reading – The Seeker’s Journey

Today’s Tarot reading comes from the Dragonfae Oracle. These ancient mythical creatures have been consigned to the story books, but they are still around, if you choose to see them. They remind us to honour our heritage and to be joyful, playful, and ignore life’s challenges once in a while to simply have fun.

Tarot Reading - The Seeker's Journey

1, Where You Stand Now

The Green Lady of Y Ddraig Goch – Chosen One – Embrace your connection with Earth and take strength and nourishment from the trees. Ancient wisdom is yours to absorb. Lead by example in environmental matters.

2, Moving Forward

The Listener – Sacred Silence – You crave some time alone to connect with your spirit guides. Try listening to relaxing music or meditate when you have five minutes to spare. It would benefit if you could attend a spiritual retreat or visit a spa.

3, Obstacles and Struggles

Lady Titania – Be Joyful – You are struggling with the lack of true connection to friends and family. Your natural state is to play and be happy in a social environment. There are ways around the restrictions that can still keep you and your loved ones safe from the risk of infection.

Dragonfae Cards @SpookyMrsGreen

4, Letting Go

Brigid – We are One – You cannot change the past, but you can make peace with it and move on. There was once a connection with the people that you feel distant from. Treasure those memories and make way for a new phase in your life with new people. Light a candle for Brigid and she will help you to achieve a just and proper outcome. Honour her at a water source, perhaps a local river or lake.

5, Your Wisdom

The Lady Grian – Open Your Heart – Now is the time to nurture what you love. Your dreams can be realised, and people compliment your physical beauty as it radiates. People will smile in your presence. Wear bright colours to create sunshine energy, even on stormy days.

6, Your Loved Ones

The Pendragon – Pure Male EnergyAh, yes, the root of all your recent problems. You feel lost and lonely, disappointed that the men in your life fall short of your expectations. Be strong in your conviction and you will attract the men that you seek. Remember the ancient balance of male and female. Sometimes you do need to accept help from a man, and it does not make you weak or needy. You are strong and you deserve a strong partner.

Dragonfae Oracle Reading - The Pendragon - Pure Male Energy

7, Your Abundance

Queen Mab – Your ancient wisdom is awakening – Remember how much you ache for the Old Ways. Remember your magickal heritage. You may receive a strange message from a family member that puts you in touch with your wisdom. Now is the time to work magick in order to heal your pain. Be mindful of your intentions and remember to work from love – first for yourself and then for other people.

8, Mother Earth wants you to…

Tatsuya – Have Courage! – Change is upon us and for you it has been coming for a long time. Throw open the doors to opportunity. Face your fears. Face up to your addictions and break free. You can do this!

9, To Keep Going

Grandmother Magicks – I comfort you – Honour the wisdom that comes with age and be proud of your ability to mentor those younger than you, both physically and emotionally. You are an Old Soul, which means you hold a deep understanding of the ways of people. Your body is aging gracefully. Respect it and love yourself. This is the perfect time to start a new venture using what you have learned over the years.

Dragonfae Oracle Cards

10, The Arrival

Pellinor and the Lady – Bittersweet farewell – It is finally time to part ways. This karmic lesson has been repeating over many lifetimes and will continue long into the future. Yes, you are soulmates. Yes, your love was passionate and wonderful. But now there are forces tearing you apart, and you cannot resist them any longer. Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again.

11, The Card of Destiny… the Why and How of the Situation

Wu-Wang – Wild, pure heart – Let go of control and rediscover the pure, innocent child that you once were. Life will happen and you can only respond in turn. In the meantime, just have fun! Stop being so serious. Go forward with an excited, curious attitude, and find wonder in each unique experience. Those magickal creatures are waiting for you to remember them. Reunite with your spirit friends. Have fun.

Dragonfae Oracle @SpookyMrsGreen

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