Playmobil Dinos Toy Review #PlaymobilUK

My children love to play with toys that help them create new worlds and stories. We were excited to receive a box full of goodies from #PlaymobilUK containing some sets from their Playmobil Dinos range.

Playmobil Boxed Sets @SpookyMrsGreen

Motocross Bike with Raptor

My daughters liked the attention to detail on the Motocross Bike with Raptor set, even down to the kickstand on the bike. They liked the sword that the Playmobil figure carried. This play set included one boy figurine. The set was easy to assemble.

Playmobil Dinos Toy Review

Enemy Quad with Triceratops

This was a fun little set, including a cage to trap the dinosaur (or any unsuspecting toys that might be passing). You shoot a net from a gun on top of the quad, which my elder daughter had lots of fun playing with. The adult dinosaur, Triceratops, has moveable limbs and mouth, while the baby dinosaur just has moveable legs. There was one boy doll included. This set was also easy to assemble, and my daughters especially liked the unique tool that was provided to help with small, fiddly pieces. I liked this tool as well; it made my job a whole lot easier!

#PlaymobilUK Triceratops

Hidden Temple with T-Rex

This was the biggest of the three playsets, and the most exciting. It was quite easy to assemble and is equipped with lots of little accessories for those special features. It included toy-sized video cameras, laptop, scientific equipment, and weapons. Some of the accessories light-up. My daughter’s favourite part of this playset is the torch with a blue light that shows a hidden message inside the temple. The T-Rex has moveable legs, head, and mouth. This came with three figurines: two boys and one girl.

#PlaymobilUK Dolls @SpookyMrsGreen

My children liked the dinosaur play-sets because they can use them for other imagination play as well as for dinosaurs. They can use the Hidden Temple, the bike, and the cage in other games if they want to, since they love to play adventure games and have their toys go exploring.

Playmobil Dinos Hidden Temple

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