Beltane Tarot Card Reading for Guidance on Relationships

Beltane Blessings, my pagan friends. Yes, I know, technically I’m a few days late to the party. But you see, pagan festivals don’t need to follow a strict calendar. We do it when we feel like it, and that is exactly what happened with my Beltane Tarot card reading for relationship guidance and advice.

For this Tarot card reading I have used the Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish. This is a very precious deck of cards, one with which I feel a strong connection. Today’s reading was more powerful than I anticipated and has left me reeling with the strength of its message. See if it resonates as strongly with you and your situation:

Tarot Card Reading

1, Works – The Sovereign

Gentle Power. Why must you seek validation from other people? They offer wisdom and guidance, but you know this already. You already walk their path, you have learned their lessons, and you could quote their words back to them. Now you must make your own path in matters of business. Do it your way.

2, Home – Chumara

Web of All Life. What are you hiding from? For years you have become settled behind a mask as you fulfilled the role expected of you. Now it is time to remove that mask and show yourself as you truly are. Perhaps you can begin to repair broken relationships but do it on your terms. You cannot remake something to be the same as it was. That is not for you. It they cannot live with You, they do not deserve your time or energy.

3, Unexpected – Gwynne & Elluish

Attunement. You always knew you had a special connection. The world is far greater for you than it appears for other people. You see ethereal beings and you hear other voices. Do not dismiss them. Welcome them. Hear their wisdom. You are connected to both the higher and the lower realms of this world and you can travel freely between them. Explore the possibilities.

4, Your Role – Morgan le Fey

Healing. It is time to acknowledge your pain. You have battled alone for a long time and now you need to rest. Allow someone else to shoulder the burden. Accept help when it is offered. Take time out to recover and never struggle alone again. Your supporter will appear soon, and you will recognise them.

5, Outcome – Gaia’s Dragon

Divine Union. The one you seek is within reach. Now that you have experienced all that has passed, now you see the truth, now you are able to move on. You are wise, you see the full picture, and you see beyond the masks of people in your circles. With this wisdom you are able to find your missing piece, the person that you need. You will know them, and they will know you. Move on.


Wow! This Tarot card reading packed a punch. For me it was an instruction to move on with my life and leave behind an old relationship that no longer fits. I was stunned when I remembered that my last Tarot card reading with the Dragonfae Oracle was in August 2020, at a time when I made a life-changing decision. This reading very much continued the conversation, helping me to see what I must do next. It will not be easy, but I am strong with my ethereal, magickal friends for support.

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