Tarot Reading – Leaving the Past Behind

Here is a Tarot reading to help you leave the past behind. Maybe you seek guidance around a challenging series of events. Perhaps you have decided to move on from a situation, but you need confirmation and a guiding hand. Here it is!

Tarot Reading - Leaving the Past Behind

1, What I Need to Leave Behind Me

Eight of Cups – “Leave those who would live in the dark and look towards the light.” You have been used and abused by people who claim to love you. Now you emerge emotionally exhausted, and yet you feel free. Cast off those chains and leave the dark-dwellers behind. You are a being of light.

2, What I Need to Take with Me

Death – Everything is temporary. You have learned a lot, grown and gained wisdom through your life experiences. Take the memories, good and bad, and prepare for new beginnings. Now it is time for your next adventure.

The Empress Tarot Card

3, Negatives to Discard

The Empress – Sometimes you try to seek deep and meaningful answers to your problems. Remember that not all people are old souls. Some people are deeply embedded in someone else’s story. Some people do not dare seek a life beyond the physical. They will not share your journey. Leave them behind as you continue to grow.

4, Positives to Look Forward To

Ten of Cups – Your peaceful, happy place does exist, and you will find it. While you feel drained and exhausted now, you will soon settle down into a new routine, and it will feel safe and calm. Make peace with yourself and you will forget about those who hurt you. Spend time with those who really care about you.

5, Why a Fresh Start will be Good for Me

The Magician – You are a being with many gifts, and the magic is right there at your fingertips. Are you ready to unleash the beast? Let’s have some fun!

Gilded Tarot Card Reading

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2 Responses to Tarot Reading – Leaving the Past Behind

  1. Parinitha B says:

    What to take and what to leave behind are very kind suggestions. Thank you so much for taking time to share your knowledge.

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