Mint flavor prophy paste for children and adults

Is mint really the most popular flavor?

Oral prophylaxis or professional cleaning as it is commonly called as is the procedure that cleans the teeth from plaque and deposits and removes the stains of any. The step of polishing teeth through prophy paste involves the smoothing of the clean surfaces of the teeth, thereby, removing micro-deposits as well and giving a great feel to the tongue or inner lips as they rub on the teeth.


Earlier, taste or flavor of prophy paste was the last factor that was considered before purchasing prophy paste. The particle size, also known as the grit of the paste was regarded as the most important criteria for selection. Grit size happens to still be on the top of the list of requirements. Coarse grit is never preferred for human teeth as that may result in quick wearing down of enamel thereby increasing the risk of sensitivity later on. Fine grit doesn’t do the job as the small particles are unable to run and produce the desired smooth finish. Medium grit should be selected always as it delivers optimum results without any damage to the teeth.

The flavor of the paste has gained more significance now. It has been noted that a well-flavored prophy paste heightens patient satisfaction and provides a good experience throughout the procedure. Hence, you need to stock an array of flavors to ensure that the patient can choose the one that he loves the most.


Mint flavor is one of the most popular flavors as people of almost every age group have shown a clear-cut preference for mint above the rest of the flavors. The growing popularity of mint flavor owes to the cooling effect it bestows during the procedure. The menthol present in the mint flavor tricks the brain to believe that the mouth is cool whereas there is actually no change in the temperature. The cooling effect wears off after a few minutes. Another important factor for people finding mint flavor better could be the fact that it reminds them of their regular toothpaste.

For those who are not fascinated by mint flavor, there is a range of very other flavors like marshmallow, chocolate, strawberry or even bubblegum. Flavors like chocolate prophy paste can work wonders in those fussy kids who give a tough time to parents while brushing their teeth daily. Besides, presenting choices make the patients feel more important as they are made to realize that their choice matters in their treatment. After all, who doesn’t like being offered a range of options! Many sites offer free prophy paste samples so you have the option to taste before you purchase.


Regardless of the flavor you choose, you will find the non-splatter formula incorporated in each one of them. This helps in carrying out the procedure in a clean and hygienic manner. Now, is the right time to decide on investing in the most popular prophy paste flavors. Let your patients keep wanting for more sessions of oral prophylaxis.

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