The Bond Between Sisters

It has been almost four months since my eldest daughter was hospitalized with a rare and dangerous facial infection. She made a full recovery following surgery, and there appear to be no lasting side effects, much to the relief of our family and friends. We have moved on with our lives, putting that whole drama behind us, and embracing the adventure of moving to a bigger house.


But there are other side effects that I hadn’t considered. Our younger daughter was left at home with her dad while I stayed in hospital with the patient. At that point the girls were sharing a bedroom, and they have a very close bond. They play well together, they rarely fight, and they love each other unconditionally. It is a beautiful relationship to witness. Our little girl really missed her big sister during the hospital episode. She has been talking about it a lot recently, almost every day. What really got me was one day last week, when we were in the car. We were listening to their favourite Katy Perry CD, and my daughter told me that she sung a particular song sadly when her sister and I were in the hospital. It made me cry, because I realised just how close we came to losing our eldest girl, and how much it would have devastated our family. The bond between these sisters truly is wonderful.

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