The Storm has Passed – for Now

Spring is finally in the air after our “Beast from the East” that ravaged the UK during the past few weeks. Today we had heavy rain in the morning, but now the sun is shining, and the air feels fresh. My daffodils are finally able to bloom, and very cheerful they look. I am desperate to take our family out for a proper country walk, and to visit the seaside, but the weather is simply too horrendous on weekends, and my eldest daughter is off school recovering from her illness.

Witchy Wednesday SpookyMrsGreen

It occurred to me that I hadn’t practised my craft recently. Then I remembered that yes, I did. The whole time I was in hospital with my daughter, I called on reiki healing energy to support and sustain us. I connected with the energies of the trees and grass that I saw outside our hospital windows. And my faith in the angels and the higher entities kept me going when stress and worry had me at breaking point. For now, we are recovering. The storm has passed, and our daughter is recovering well. Now we are preparing for other developments… I will explain later!

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  1. Glad to hear your daughter is on the mend.

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