Introducing #VampirinaToys – they are Spooktacular!

Vampirina is the hot new Disney Junior TV show celebrating friendship and difference – with a spooktacular twist!

I had to review these toys. I mean come on, SpookyMrsGreen and the Spooktacular #VampirinaToys range? It’s a no-brainer. I also knew that my spooky daughters would love the toys as well, so when I was asked to join in with the Vampirina Twitter party on 28th Feb, I had to say yes. Today I share with you my review of the fabulous new toys that we received.

GIF Spooktacular Spookylele #VampirinaToys SpookyMrsGreen

The party box arrived while my daughters were at school, and when they returned home, they couldn’t wait to get stuck in and discover their goodies. We received a Vampirina Spookylele and gloves, which was immediately claimed by my younger daughter, aged 4 (nearly 5). This toy is awesome because it plays some funky music, it is a good, sturdy item, and the design is fun and colourful. The skull feature even has an opening mouth at the base of the spookylele, which we found very amusing to play with!


My elder daughter then shrieked with delight when she pulled out a huge box containing a Vampirina Bat-tastic talking Vee and Wolfie. This doll is quite big, and she is very cute in all her spooky style. Her dog, Wolfie, is also adorable. The talking Vee doll has feature bat wings that you can close up, and when you press the button on her necklace, her wings flirt open, light up, and she sings and talks. I was very impressed with the quality of the doll.


Our third featured toy is Hauntley’s Mobile, which I believe is my favourite out of all of them. This fabulous purple car reminds me of the vehicle used by the Addam’s Family, but in a different colour of course. There are glittered accents, moving wing mirrors, and the back of the car opens up to create a fantastic drive-in movie theatre. The car comes with a small Vee figure that can sit behind the steering wheel, and she has a carton of popcorn and a table in the back of the car. The car also plays music and flashes its lights when you press the bat button on the bonnet.


Inside our party box we received everything that we need to host our Vampirina party, but you will have to join us on Twitter to find out what else we received. Use #VampirinaToys between 1pm and 3pm on 28th February to join in. There is a very interesting looking pass the parcel that I can’t wait to get into, we have an itinerary of games and activities themed around #VampirinaToys, and the goodie bags each contain colouring packs and a Rock n’ Ghoul Microphone that I’m sure will drive all the parents crazy before too long, although knowing my friends, they will be playing with the toys just as much as the children!

GIF Hauntley's Mobile #VampirinaToys SpookyMrsGreen

Overall, I am very impressed with the #VampirinaToys range. We don’t have Sky TV at home, but my daughters both knew about the toys because they have seen them on YouTube. My girls wanted to make their own unboxing videos, but it was our first attempt, so they are a little rough and ready. Still, you have to start somewhere, and if there is one thing Vampirina teaches us, it’s that we should always give other people a chance before we judge them. Have a lovely half-term week, friends in the North… and happy back-to-school week for the rest of you!

Thank you to Flair toys and UKMumsTV for inviting us to join the party.

Mummy Mondays SpookyMrsGreen

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