It’s a Slime Bath!

My daughters are obsessed with slime. They love it! They watch videos on YouTube that feature “Elsia and Annia” dolls, and in the these videos, the dolls play with slime. My girls think it is wonderful. They have each bought alien slime eggs with their pocket money before now, and I was not impressed when their uncle bought some for them at Christmas. It soon got smeared all over their Nanny’s living room floor in the house she recently moved into. Whoops!

Slime Bath SpookyMrsGreen

While I was out shopping recently, I found a packet of bath granules that turn your bath water into slime. I was with a friend at the time, we both laughed about it, and then she decided to let my buy the stuff to try out, before she tried it with her daughters. Yes, she has way more common sense than me! My girls didn’t seem too keen at first, but when it came to bath time, they wanted to try out the slime. It was awful! I mean, it did exactly what it said on the packet, but it was gross.


The bath water turned into icky, green slime, and our bathroom looked like the set of the original Ghostbusters movie. My daughters played for almost an hour in there, and then we had to shower them off to de-slime them. The next day it took me a good couple of hours to clean the bath properly, and I had to wash all the flannels and sponges that had been thrown in the slime. But you know what, they are children, they loved it, and it was great fun watching them giggling away and enjoying themselves in the slime bath. It certainly made for a much more interesting bath time!

Mummy Mondays SpookyMrsGreen

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1 Response to It’s a Slime Bath!

  1. Ha ha! Love it! Slime never goes out of fashion, does it? When I was young, you could get pots of slime with fake worms in – it was called, unsurprisingly, Slime With Worms – and it provided hours of silly fun. Happy days!

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