Product Review: Prestige Flowers for #ValentinesDay

Late last week I received a beautiful gift of  Valentine’s flowers and chocolates from Prestige Flowers. The bouquet is a magnificent collection of red roses, with delightful green and gold foliage mixed in. The colour of these Valentine’s flowers is very deep, and very rich. They are a delight to observe. I do love having fresh flowers in my home, especially now that I am trying to sell it. And they arrived just in time for my birthday, even better!



Along with the bouquet of flowers I received a box of chocolates that I was a little unsure about tasting, as I have to admit I wasn’t too keen on the praline chocolates I received in my Christmas hamper. I had nothing to worry about. These Valentine’s chocolates are delicious! Smooth and creamy milk chocolate, luxurious fruity centres, caramel, nuts, oh they make my mouth water now as I remember eating them! I definitely recommend the Valentine’s chocolates from Prestige Flowers.


And, finally, there was one more surprise in my box of goodies. Meet Harry (the reiki bear, as my daughters christened him). He is so cute, and very cuddly. I immediately had to pick him up and snuggle him in my arms, feeling a certain sense of comfort and security that only a teddy bear brings. You all know what I’m talking about, don’t you? All in all, I am really impressed with the Valentine’s flowers and chocolates gift that I received from Prestige Flowers. The prices are very reasonable, so you have no excuse to neglect sending a gift to the person (or people) that you love… I am already choosing the gift I want from my husband; sometimes he needs a little encouragement!


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