Single and Looking for Love

When did you last write a love letter? Oh, it has been a good few years for me, I can tell you! Funny how busy you get when you are having babies and dealing with family drama. But today we are not here to talk about me. I want to talk about you. That is, I want to talk about you who is single and looking for love. I know you are out there, feeling a little lonely, needing someone to pass the time with. Don’t be shy. Step forward. I have some suggestions, and perhaps you will be writing your very own love letters (or should that be text messages) sooner than you think.

I happen to know that the old county of Herefordshire is a very romantic place to live. What with the ancient capital town, the rolling hills, and the beautiful scenery, you couldn’t help but be inspired and feel the love in this place. Here is where you can search for single men in Hereford to fulfill your romantic fantasies.

Another romantic county is Derbyshire, close enough to the Midlands and a vibrant city, yet still with that lovely, old English country feel. I’m coming over all poetic at the thought! Anyway, you could look at Derbyshire dating, and see who crosses your radar for love. Moving further up the country, and heading into my favourite city, explore Manchester dating for a wide variety of personality types.

Still searching for your perfect date? Maybe we need to travel a little further, and make those love letters a little more romantic. Who said long distance romance was doomed to fail? I managed it for almost four years! Well, I offer you a chance at Jersey dating, and a little seaside romance for your fanciful heart. And to move even further away, for you Irish romantics out there (hello!), here is Belfast dating. I know someone who found her dream gentleman near Belfast, and their romance is still going strong. It is a beautiful story, but not mine to tell…

Which leaves me with one more suggestion, before I leave you for the weekend. I think you might like to try a little adult dating. Go on, treat yourself!

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