Making Paganism Work for Me

I am ready for a break. Christmas is fast approaching, my children are counting down the days until their school holiday, and I have lost all motivation for work. Seriously, I can barely bring myself to switch the computer on, never mind do any writing! I started to feel quite worried, actually. I mean, if I don’t work every day, my business won’t grow and I won’t sell any books. But then I stopped to think about it.


Will the world really end because my business is slow? No. I am very fortunate that my husband can support our family with his wage, and while his job is not the most pleasant, he does generally enjoy his work. For those frustrating issues that arise, I am here to offer love, support, and reiki to take the edge off his stress. So, really, my work is at home. I knew that all along. I made the conscious decision after the birth of our first child. I run the home, I nurture the family, I do all those little, essential, hidden jobs every single day. I matter.

Witchcraft and Magick SpookyMrsGreen

Image Credit: NEJ Photography

So then I think about my spiritual work. Am I a bad pagan, or a poor witch, because I am not practising my craft? No. I am practising my craft. Ok, so I don’t do regular spell work, and most of the time I can barely remember what phase the moon is in, but I am still pagan. I walk in nature almost every day. I breath in the fresh air, I appreciate the sun, the sky, the world around me. Everything else will happen when it is supposed to. And for now, my focus is reiki. I take time to meditate, to rest my body and quiet my mind. I can really feel the effects, as well. I have absolutely no desire to rush around and stress about Christmas. Now, I feel the urge to do some crafts, and make some Christmas cards… you have a lovely day!

SpookyMrsGreen in Bulgaria

Mr Green and me many years ago!

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