Why Reiki Won’t Cure a Cold

I used to think that Reiki was a magical, mysterious energy that healed anything and everything. But I didn’t think about it properly. Yes, reiki does heal you. It is a very powerful, magical and mysterious energy. But you cannot expect it to simply cure all physical ailments, just like that. No, we must do the healing for ourselves, using reiki energy as a tool. It won’t work if we don’t attempt to help it along. And it is an ongoing process, often taking years to implement and more years still to continue.

SpookyMrsGreen needs a rest

Take the common cold for an example. I am just recovering from a summer cold that I caught from my children. Darn those school germs! My husband had the cold and sore throat as well, so it was inevitable that it would reach me in the end. Of course, I called on reiki to help me shift it. But the illness lasted for almost a week. And that is because I was exhausted. I was burned out.

Rockley Park Beach SpookyMrsGreen

We are limping to the end of the school term (only a few more days now), I am all cried out with emotion as I deal with the transition from preschool to primary school for my youngest daughter, and I am stressed about the lack of sales interest on our house. Won’t somebody please buy our house soon so that we can move to a bigger one? We need space! And all of this together contributed to me catching a cold. I had neglected to eat healthily, I wasn’t exercising properly, and I haven’t had enough sleep. I need a break. I need a holiday. And that will happen very soon.

SpookyMrsGreen on the Beach

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4 Responses to Why Reiki Won’t Cure a Cold

  1. Shalzmojo says:

    I am a reiki practitioner too and totally agree that though it’s a powerful tool, it’s not an instant cure to anything. Reiki cures us by removing the blockages and letting energy flow through. Cold they say is brought upon by being confused and uncertain about some decision…. hope you feel better soon

  2. Joyful2bee says:

    Sometimes our bodies have to be heard before they will allow themselves to be healed. Good example of a hard lesson. Hope you heal quickly. Hugs!

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