Winter Solstice Tarot Reading for New Year

Christmas has passed, and now we are in that strange week between one festival and another. How many of you will be celebrating New Year’s Eve this year? Since having children, my New Year celebrations have been far more sedate and peaceful. Our family tend to enjoy a bracing walk on the beach on New Year’s Day for our celebration of the New Year. Do you have any family traditions?


A beautiful day on Talacre Beach for New Year

Since we also celebrated Winter Solstice just last week, a time to welcome the return of the sun, I performed a Celtic Cross Tarot reading as part of my #365DaysofTarot challenge. The reading is too long to post here today, but I will share the introduction, and if you would like a copy of the full reading, please respond in the comments below.


Gilded Tarot Celtic Cross Reading SpookyMrsGreen

1, Recap – Ten of Swords

You feel beaten and broken. It has been a tough year. But those swords that hover above you do not offer more pain. They glow with strength and power that you can call on to lift you up and help you to fight another day.

2, You – Nine of Wands

The weight of responsibility has overwhelmed you, and now you retreat, defeated. But you still hold on to one new goal. Be strong, and you will rise again.

3, Crossing – Four of Swords

What is it that you fear so much? Why do you feel the need to arm yourself so heavily against attack? Surely the world isn’t quite as hostile as you make out.

4, Foundation – Strength

So now we are presented with Strength. She lives within you, and your faithful spiritual companion is the mighty Lion. Call on them both now, in your time of need.


Gilded Tarot Celtic Cross spread SpookyMrsGreen

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2 Responses to Winter Solstice Tarot Reading for New Year

  1. Sandra Walsh says:

    What a beautiful deck – thank you for the inspiration Catherine. I shall do myself a reading with my Rider Waite pack tomorrow – and maybe follow your example and begin a 365 day challenge. Thank you and Happy New Year. May it bring you joy and love. x

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