My Spiritual Journey: Walking Between Worlds

We have just returned to school following the half-term holiday here in the UK. I was looking forward to a break from routine, and even hoped that I might find time to rest with my daughters as we prepared for the wedding of my sister and brother-in-law. As it turned out, I spent most of the week playing Nurse Nightingale to two poorly children, so I am now feeling more exhausted than I did before the holiday!

Vampire of Blackpool quote #1

Anyway, back to the subject. Despite the half-term holiday being fairly ordinary, I still experienced a couple of rather significant spiritual developments. Some of these happened during the weekend of the Rosemary Douglas mind, body and spirit event where I launched my new novel The Vampire of Blackpool. I met some new exhibitors, and some regulars that I hadn’t previously spent much time with, and the conversations that I had left me feeling very enriched and excited about the world beyond the physical.

As the pagan housewife, sometimes I struggle to explain exactly what I do that makes me different. I mean, outwardly I am your average young mum. I do the school run. I clean the house. I work from home. Whenever I meditate or spend time connecting with the spirits and energies that exist beyond our human world, I often do it alone, and the journeys are very personal. It is difficult to describe something that is based on feeling and emotion. It is like love. We all know about love, most of us have experienced love of different kinds, but none of us can define exactly what it is, because it means different things to different people.

For now, I simply walk between the worlds. Sometimes I may gaze into the distance and disappear into a daydream. On those occasions I am either embedded in the story of whatever novel I am in the process of writing, or I am, quite literally, away with the fairies. It is so exciting to know that there are such infinite possibilities beyond what we can physically see and feel. I hope that you will join me on this journey, if you haven’t already, and maybe look back through some of my older adventures described on this blog.



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1 Response to My Spiritual Journey: Walking Between Worlds

  1. Joyful2bee says:

    I have another friend who is a shaman and has two children and a husband. I don’t know what keeps you grounded to keep you from just staying in the realms that you explore. They must be fascinating!!

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