The History Behind My Kitchen Cupboards

In the process of my kitchen renovation, we have uncovered something of the history of our house. It is very exciting! I love social history, learning about local people and cultures, and the fascination with home decoration is a particular interest. Well, my kitchen did not disappoint. It did upset my husband, however.

He set about removing the old wall cupboards, and pulling out the battered cooker and hob. This was the section of the kitchen that we were nervous to uncover, because we had a horrible feeling it would involve some convoluted DIY project before we could install the new cupboards. Our suspicions were confirmed when my husband discovered that the tall cupboard which housed our cooker and microwave was fixed directly against bare brick, with the tattered remains of previous kitchens concealed on the plasterboard remnants.

While my husband stared at the wall in horror and then uttered a few choice words that I cannot repeat here, I got very excited as I studied the wallpaper. I counted at least 5 different styles and patterns, and they looked to date back possibly to the 1960s, maybe even before then. Our house was built in the late 1800s, and it does have a few resident ghosts, so I was not surprised to find this hidden gem behind our cooker.

For now that is all we discovered. My husband had to take a couple of days off work so that he could patch up the broken wall and make it suitable for our kitchen fitter to work with. That history in wallpaper has now been covered up with more plasterboard and adhesive, and who knows when it will be unearthed in the future, and which new family might discover it?

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